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How I Style… a purple cardigan! The one above was purchased from Anthropologie in early 2011. I was eying it in Alberta at the West Edmonton Mall, but it was priced at something like $118 for this thin material! I ended up finding it on sale for a fraction of the cost, months later. So I picked that baby up immediately.I obviously don’t know how to wear it any other way but the same way I’ve worn it. Whoops! How did I not notice that??

I know I’m not styling the Anthropologie any different than the previous one shown, I haven’t really tried my best to style this. I kinda like it the way I’ve been wearing it. Plus it’s really tight in the sleeves so I can only wear short sleeved with it.

The other plum cardigan shown (in the bottom photos) was a Christmas gift from my boss in 2010. I love it!

Time to go research wireless booster. I still don’t have my desktop computer at home up at running. Super slow laptop’s where it’s at.

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