The Fairy Hobmother visited me!

A little while ago I received an unexpected visit from the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online from the UK. Her mission is to bring joy and happiness to the world’s bloggers by providing treats for great, hard work in the blogosphere!

Moses. How did she find me? 

I left a comment on my friends blog (Hi Lisa!!), and then Fairy Hobmother paid a friendly visit to me! All I had to do was just talk about the Best Washing Machine. Easy right?

As most of you already know, my Boyfriend and I don’t own our own place. We have to use a communal washer and dryer that we share with other tenants. But at least there are 5 of both in the basement. I often “forget” to do laundry until the basket is over flowing. Having 5 washers and 5 dryers makes it convenient to do all of my 3 weeks worth of laundry in as little time as it takes to do one regular load, if you had your own units.I did 7 loads tonight. -_-

However. There is a negative. I always get ticked off when I have to do laundry because I really don’t want to sit down in the dindgy basement waiting for my clothes to wash and dry. Once in a blue moon something gets taken from either the washer or dryer. Articles of my very own have gotten stolen. Which I guess why Fairy Hobmother paid me a visit. I left a comment on Lisa’s blog post as she asked her readers what appliance, if money was no issue—what they’d buy. I’d buy my very own washer and dryer. Just for me.

Unfortunately an in-unit washer and dryer is out of the Fairy Hobmother’s budget. Those things can get expensive, fast. So instead, she gave me a generous gift card to shop on’s website. My boyfriend and I are debating purchases. We haven’t decided what we’ll spend the money on just yet.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on this blog entry today—and you too may very well get a wish granted to you by the wonderful Fairy Hobmother herself.

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  1. I remember when I was in residence, I use to get up early on sat or Sunday and do my laundry. I use to sit on the window ledge reading because I was always scared someone would take my stuff. Then when I got an apartment I did the same thing. It made for great study time I guess.

  2. Eeeee! This is so exciting!

    I also live in an apartment complex and have to pay to do my laundry {boy, does that stuff ever get expensive!}.

    I think if I were to wish for something, it would be a new fridge though. You should see the one I have now! It is so RIDICULOUS. I’m pretty sure it’s 10+ years old. It’s really gross from all of the previous tenants. And from what I know, it’s like EVERY apartment in our building has a NEW fridge except for me :(

    *Oh, I wish, I wish….*

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