Dior Bar polish: a disappointing product

I’ve mentioned how much I’m enjoying Dior’s nail polish formula, complete with the fantastic thick application brush for dumb-dumbs like myself who cannot manoeuvre a narrow nail polish wand to create a precise line of nail polish onto my fingers.

But unfortunately I have to tell you that the Bar colour by Dior has come to disappoint me!dior bar polish

Here’s how the polish routine goes down: I applied 2 thin coats of Bar (sent to me last year for review), followed by a Dior Gel Coat (which I bought at Sephora and omg it’s the best except not with Bar!) which supposedly acts as a shellac-like to the nail, making it incredibly shiny, and last for days on end. Some truth to that, though not as 2 week long-lasting as real shellac.

Dior Gel Coat doesn’t mesh well with other brands of polish I find, but I definitely use it when I’m applying any Dior polish for my at-home-manicures.

Bar doesn’t’ seem to want to cooperate though and I’m disappointed in its performance. The second day I noticed a bit of wear on the tips of my nails like I had been wearing the polish for days on end, not so!

By the end of the second day I had 2 chips in my polish. Lazy-me painted over the two nails, and by the next day again the same nails re-chipped and the same wear is happening on the bottom of the nails. I probably should’ve removed the polish altogether and reapplied but hashtag lazy. Plus, it’s not the first time it’s happened with this colour. It lasts forever on my toes —so what gives with the ug fingernail chips?

No other Dior polish has lead me astray, so I’m still voting that Dior is still my #1 expensive nail polish out there to buy.

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