Thinking Out Loud Thursday #8

Whoa. I haven’t done a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post since October. Better get on that more often, they’re so fun to do — and get all my brain thoughts out on paper screen.

So, let’s get started.

I love the freedom I have with this blog. If I take a break, it doesn’t bother me (for instance that week break in early March when we had a visitor). But when I do let my work pile up, that’s when I start to get a little frazzeled. I’m still trying to think of a really quirky unique way to showcase a couple of products I received for review. I still have to review our huge king sized bed that we were sent to review (hint: we love it).

Want to see some stuff I bought recently from Muji? So during the weekend of our San Jose staycation I discovered that this was attached to the Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose, and I didn’t have a chance to pop in because the weekend was packed. But I did keep it in the back of my mind to pop in when I was back from my climbing trip (which I have to tell you guys about still. The entire trip was so W E I R D!). I heard one opened up in Toronto and I was so gutted because I didn’t realize we had one down here in California (let alone more than one in the state alone!).

1314185416_nobones_danceBasically my excited dance when I stepped in the store. I’ve been told I dance like a weirdo, this was the closest representation I could grab from the interwebs. And I’m taking Megan there today, too since she’s coming down my way for a visit!

My friend and I were there for a good hour browsing around, so here are my goodies I picked up. I’m still eyeing a couple of other items but I want to wait to see if I really need them. You know, limited budget over here.

Muji-HaulI’m a sucker for simple design and useful packaging. Oh, and pens!

Look how they write! Just writing a list for my trip back home to Newfoundland, preliminary thoughts of what to pack though, this isn’t the only stuff I’m bringing. That list will get much longer :) What-to-pack-on-a-carry-on

If you don’t already know this about me I’m a huge stationary fan. Plus, these pens were $1.50 each. At other stores in the Bay Area for pens this tiny they cost 3x as much. I love needle point type of gel pens, thinner the better. The ones I picked up are 0.38 & 0.3, I prefer even smaller at 0.25. Enough with the geek speak. But I’m excited to show you how I style the toothbrush holder in our guest bathroom, that’s what the little while donut shaped thing is, along with clear toothbrushes. Ugh. Perfection.

I’ve been looking for a coin purse, and I thought I’d pick up this little clear one that was suggested to be used for beauty products (scissors/tweezers etc) but it works great for coins, and I don’t have to keep them jumbled up in my purse.

And lastly (I can’t believe how much talking I’m doing about these products I bought lol) I got a clear sliding plastic case for important documents. I have a ton of these around the house from Chapters back home in Canada, but I needed a couple of more for our Taxes 2014/2015.

One more thing because I bought them a few days ago. I randomly strolled through Target, and of course I had to take the escalator up to the second floor (I know. It’s a HUGE Target and I love it) to the shoe section, and I came out with two pairs. Which ones do you like better? Here’s something weird. Last summer I was a 9 in their sneakers (these one’s from my Instagram) and now I’m an 8. To be fair, I’m a true 8.5, but these shoes are a bit snug and the 8.5’s just slipped right off my heel. Anyway. I bought them. I’m happy!

Target-Black-FlatsThese black one’s are knock off’s of the new Vans sneakers. I like ’em, and I like the $24 sticker price.

Target-White-SneakersThen I got a pair of fake converse. I’ve been eyeing converse sneakers for years in white, but they make my feet look ginourmous. So I setteled with these, and!? they’re on sale for $16. Pshyeah.

What have you guys been up to lately?

Bought anything cool? Checked out a new store/coffee shop?

Or even tell me what you’re doing later on this evening!

Whatcha cooking for supper?

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  1. Like you, I’m a sucker for an stationary products. And oh, the pens too! I love shopping much and I try to get into thrifting and yard saling (if that is a word) for any things that catches my eyes such as vintage pyrex products and cast iron products (I love these so much..I recently started a collection. but it’s not huge, maybe 1 or 3). This week is pretty much mellow. We are going to Atlanta GA to visit my sons’ aunt and cousins for spring break in 2 weeks. 8 hours drive one way, I try to think what to pack for drinks and snacks for 3 boys and 2 adults (including me!) so we don’t have to stop at any fast food to spend money. yea Im kinda rambling. haha. I love your shoes. I got these killer deals at Target when they were having buy one and get 40% off, the best deal was when there was clearanced shoes. I bought a leopard flats for $5.xx after 40% in Jan. I hit a jackpot! :) I love your today’s theme!!

  2. I like thick, fat pens because I write so BIG. Your handwriting is awesome, by the way. I won’t be cooking supper tonight because the hubs and I are headed to the beach for a long weekend. I need a break from blogging. :)
    Alli recently posted..Zippy Egg Salad DipMy Profile

  3. One thing we both have in common is our stationary! I love it, and pens. I have a weird pen obsession and it’s a bit sad because my kids keep stealing my good pens and losing them! Drives me NUTS! I love your shoes, and rug! Super cute such a fun post!

    I haven’t been up to much. Kid sicknesses, and some Spring cleaning. Nothing too fun over here!

  4. I admire you for being able to take a step back and get unplugged. I feel like if I do that for just a day my momentum goes down the hole…silly me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your staycation post and look forward to reading more! Oh, and your neat handwriting? So incredibly jealous. I think I am the only teacher with horrendous handwriting!
    Amanda recently posted..Totus LinguaMy Profile

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