Making Christmas Magical in San Jose

I suppose it’s only appropriate I title making this Christmas a magical one, in Silicon Valley this year.

I keep reiterating this, but I feel the need to repeat it to get used to it actually happening. No snow, no Canada = a California Christmas. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be magical.

The husband, Alfie and I had a mini vacation last weekend and stayed at the fancy pants Fairmont San Jose hotel in the core of downtown San Jose, thanks to Team San Jose. Believe it or not there’s plenty of winter actives to be had, despite it being in Sunny California. Especially at night with Christmas In The Park going on now until January, 2018. We just so happen to go every year as there’s so much nightly entertainment while also enjoying those fun holiday themed refreshments. It’s a well-loved tradition for the locals, and for us now too. You don’t have to wait for sunset to go, though. Drop by Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park (S. Market Street, San Jose between San Carlos and San Fernando Streets) daily between 9:00am-Midnight to get your Christmas fill.

Our staycation evening started at Paesanos of Little Italy where we had supper. 

Can you believe — although I love pasta, I have not yet been to Little Italy, San Jose? Jeeze! Mistake on my part. Either way, I ate my entire meal (lol you proud of me?) even though baby spiffykerms doesn’t allow me to eat large meals anymore. It was too good I could not not finish it, you know? The place was bouncin’ too, by the time we ordered our meals, every single table was filled.

The fun didn’t stop with us stuffing our face with delicious Italian food and dessert; afterwards we went straight to the Nutcracker ballet, put off by San Jose Dance Theater. Incredible show, loved everything about it, but with the performance, we weren’t allowed to photograph it so instead I’m showing you what I wore to it. But it was my first Nutcracker and I’ve always wanted to see one during Christmas.

After the ballet we walked back to the hotel, with a stop at Christmas in the Park.

Alfie came with us, so he had a little taste of luxury staying at the Fairmont San Jose with us. We brought his crate since he loves it (seriously, he loves it) and would know something familiar from home — and he certainly made himself at home. Look at him trottin’ around the room. 

And the 11th floor room views were best kind. 

In the morning, we had a bit of brunch in the Fountain Restaurant, and some people finished the staycation off with ice skating under the Circle of Palms. How pretty right? California with an outdoor skate rink? Fantastic man. 

If you haven’t made it to downtown San Jose yet to see all the festivities, this weekend would be a great time to go too, considering they have a Craft Holiday Fair from 11:00am-6:00pm Saturday + Sunday. It’s located in South Hall at 435 South Market Street — it’s free, inside, and all the family can stroll through.

See? Tons goin’ on, and hey ya might even see me there!

Alfie, ownin’ it (like always).

If we can’t go home this Christmas, I’m glad we get to spend it and fill our hearts with holiday spirit with the Downtown San Jose attractions.


31 weeks pregnant and wearing:
PinkBlush Peplum Maternity Top
Cuddl Duds leggings
Gym Bag from Tone It Up (circa 2014!)

PinkBlush velvet blazer (for the Ballet)
Red velvet sneakers

Team San Jose + Fairmont San Jose: Thank you for the lovely weekend staycation.

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Staying at the Fairmont, San Jose

Fairmont-HeaderTo finalize our San Jose staycation last month, we ended up staying overnight at the Fairmont in downtown San Jose. It was a real treat to stay in such an elegant hotel even if just for the one nighter. I’m pretty sure our hotel room was twice the square footage of our previous apartment in Waterloo. To say it was gigantic was an understatement. I’m pretty sure the photos I’m about to show you won’t do the hotel room any justice whatsoever.

When you first walked into the suite (I’ve never in my life even stayed in a suite before, so that was pretty wicked first of all) there was this huge L-shaped hallway leading into a living room with a few couches, a TV and a desk. Then to your left there were a set of sliding doors which leads of course, to no other than the bedroom with a king sized bed that looked miniature in this grand room. It was pure luxury. I raced to the bathroom to see how huge that was, considering everything else was on a grand scale. You betcha, that too was massive. A separate tub, a fantastic glass shower, his-and-her sinks, and a toilet tucked away behind a wall for even more privacy.

It’s too bad we weren’t at the hotel longer, because I could easily get used to that kind of space in a hotel room. If I were to guess, I could probably do 3 cartwheels (not that I would) in the room, no trouble. In a row!

Anyway let’s get into the photos — because I just can’t seem to talk about this hotel enough (don’t you just love it when hotels decorate in shades of gold? I feel like it’s that more ritzier).










Tech-Museum-from-HotelYou could see the Tech Museum we visited, from our hotel room!



Fairmont-rooftop-poolThe rooftop pool at the Fairmont kept changing colours, it was pretty neat hey?


Huge thanks to Team San Jose for hosting us on our San Jose staycation. 

Fairmont San Jose

170 South Market Street, San Jose CA 95113
Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #8

Whoa. I haven’t done a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post since October. Better get on that more often, they’re so fun to do — and get all my brain thoughts out on paper screen.

So, let’s get started.

I love the freedom I have with this blog. If I take a break, it doesn’t bother me (for instance that week break in early March when we had a visitor). But when I do let my work pile up, that’s when I start to get a little frazzeled. I’m still trying to think of a really quirky unique way to showcase a couple of products I received for review. I still have to review our huge king sized bed that we were sent to review (hint: we love it).

Want to see some stuff I bought recently from Muji? So during the weekend of our San Jose staycation I discovered that this was attached to the Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose, and I didn’t have a chance to pop in because the weekend was packed. But I did keep it in the back of my mind to pop in when I was back from my climbing trip (which I have to tell you guys about still. The entire trip was so W E I R D!). I heard one opened up in Toronto and I was so gutted because I didn’t realize we had one down here in California (let alone more than one in the state alone!).

1314185416_nobones_danceBasically my excited dance when I stepped in the store. I’ve been told I dance like a weirdo, this was the closest representation I could grab from the interwebs. And I’m taking Megan there today, too since she’s coming down my way for a visit!

My friend and I were there for a good hour browsing around, so here are my goodies I picked up. I’m still eyeing a couple of other items but I want to wait to see if I really need them. You know, limited budget over here.

Muji-HaulI’m a sucker for simple design and useful packaging. Oh, and pens!

Look how they write! Just writing a list for my trip back home to Newfoundland, preliminary thoughts of what to pack though, this isn’t the only stuff I’m bringing. That list will get much longer :) What-to-pack-on-a-carry-on

If you don’t already know this about me I’m a huge stationary fan. Plus, these pens were $1.50 each. At other stores in the Bay Area for pens this tiny they cost 3x as much. I love needle point type of gel pens, thinner the better. The ones I picked up are 0.38 & 0.3, I prefer even smaller at 0.25. Enough with the geek speak. But I’m excited to show you how I style the toothbrush holder in our guest bathroom, that’s what the little while donut shaped thing is, along with clear toothbrushes. Ugh. Perfection.

I’ve been looking for a coin purse, and I thought I’d pick up this little clear one that was suggested to be used for beauty products (scissors/tweezers etc) but it works great for coins, and I don’t have to keep them jumbled up in my purse.

And lastly (I can’t believe how much talking I’m doing about these products I bought lol) I got a clear sliding plastic case for important documents. I have a ton of these around the house from Chapters back home in Canada, but I needed a couple of more for our Taxes 2014/2015.

One more thing because I bought them a few days ago. I randomly strolled through Target, and of course I had to take the escalator up to the second floor (I know. It’s a HUGE Target and I love it) to the shoe section, and I came out with two pairs. Which ones do you like better? Here’s something weird. Last summer I was a 9 in their sneakers (these one’s from my Instagram) and now I’m an 8. To be fair, I’m a true 8.5, but these shoes are a bit snug and the 8.5’s just slipped right off my heel. Anyway. I bought them. I’m happy!

Target-Black-FlatsThese black one’s are knock off’s of the new Vans sneakers. I like ’em, and I like the $24 sticker price.

Target-White-SneakersThen I got a pair of fake converse. I’ve been eyeing converse sneakers for years in white, but they make my feet look ginourmous. So I setteled with these, and!? they’re on sale for $16. Pshyeah.

What have you guys been up to lately?

Bought anything cool? Checked out a new store/coffee shop?

Or even tell me what you’re doing later on this evening!

Whatcha cooking for supper?

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