Spa day

I love treating myself to getting spa–like services. A girls body needs that every now and then. A co–worker during the summer always has freshly painted toe nails like once a week, seriously. It’s insane but the woman she goes to is incredibly cheap. So now I go to her too! She operates out of her basement and she’s a small little Asian woman with a cute little girl who speaks PERFECT English, unlike her lol. The kiddo always helps me pick out the prettiest colors. So my brows and toes are all ready to go home and show off! My guess is that they’ll be ruined as soon as I hit the climbing wall and cram my feet into the little shoes. Who cares though! :) As long as they’re pretty for a day or two!

I managed to snag some really great deals on the MAC Cosmetics website the other night. They were are offering 25% off their Holiday collection, and free shipping (even though it’s like a 10 minute bus ride away, I still like to get packages in the mail. heh!) So I picked up some stuff for my sister–in–law’s birthday. I know she doesn’t wear too much makeup or anything, but still she likes to get dolled up from time–to–time, who doesn’t, right? Plus it needs to be sent off to Ireland. That’ll be my first thing to do when I get back from my Christmas vaca, since everything takes 7-8 weeks to send over seas! So I managed to grab these three items. Booya! (Not all of them are for her, I bought them for myself too! Hip hip horray!) So anyway, I received my packages in the mail on Friday, at work of all places! I opened it up right away because it was in a HUGE box and I just thought it might have been more marketing supplies, since it didn’t say it was from MAC specifically on the box. I received the huge box right after my Boss and I exchanged Christmas presents. She’s just as bad with MAC as I am. Each time I opened the little amazing well designed packages, I passed it to her, as she drooled over it. THEN she too went online and bought 2x more stuff as I got. So her MAC package should arrive sometime this week, or next seeing as it’s the busy holiday rush.


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  1. I’ve never really spent much time looking at MAC products because I always thought the closest store was 4 hours away. The last time I was visiting my boyfriend, I realized his mall had a MAC counter, so hopefully I’ll have some time to check that out when I go down for Christmas. :) I wonder if they do anything special for Boxing Day…

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