Happy Birthday!

…to my little buddy and one of my four nephews, Ruairi (Rory). He turned 1 year old today. Unfortunately for favorite Auntie Nancy, I live in Canada while they all live in Ireland. Boooooo! I haven’t seen him since he was two weeks old. My Brother sends photos to me via facebook and everything. So I get to hear all kinds of cute/funny stories about how he’s a real character, and likes to make everyone laugh. He’s a happy boy too, and his big brother Kelan (two and a half year old) tears him apart lol.

I sent over a massive Christmas Box with everyone’s Christmas presents, including Ruairi’s birthday gift. THEY RECEIVED IT LAST WEEK, finally. I mailed it on October 28, so I’m glad it got there before Christmas! Everything takes 8 weeks to mail over there. It’s ridic.

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