Last soccer game of oh eight

WHAT A SNOW STORM OUT THERE! I’m glad I decided to wake up ten minutes earlier this morning. Apparently they’re calling for 30cm now, as opposed to the previous estimate of 15–20cm. Le sigh. I hope it’ll all settle before tomorrow morning since I’m bussin’ it out to get my pedi and brow wax before I head home!

Last night was our last indoor soccer game of 2008. We headed out to a little shady pub after and had a few drinks. I think last night was the only time I didn’t score a goal. Impressive hey? A team mate made up for that though, with a nice hat trick, and ended up winning the game for us 3—1. I’ll miss a game in January because the season starts back up again, but I’ll still be in Newfie land partyin’ it up.

It was a tough game, I almost wish someone brought a camcorder and recorded it. The other team was totally falling all over the place, and we weren’t being pushy or anything, this one girl was clumsy as sin. I think I bruised the bottom of my heel, or where my heel ends (mid–foot) it’s sore as hell but I don’t walk on that part of my foot, so it’s not like it’s sore constantly, only when I step on something by mistake with my bare feet like my laptop wire.

My Boss and I exchanged gifts this morning. She knows me all too well. It’s really great. She loved all the little purse–sized things I gave her (she loves little things like that), and we were all giddy and happy playing Christmas music getting excited over our gifts.

Okay, I’m totally rambling here today, I obviously don’t have anything much important to say, hehe. Oh and YAY, IT’S PAY DAY!

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  1. i hear you, on the snow.
    we’re supposed to get the worst of it around now (3pm) and they’re calling for more storms tomorrow and tuesday as well. we have a hotel booked in toronto for sunday night, as long as we can GET there ..i’ll be happy.

    it sure does make it feel more like christmas though. to me, at least. i’d like it to be gone by boxing day. if i only controlled the weather!

    i hope you have a really great holiday back home! safe travels!

  2. There is soo much of that snow eh! I think I see more this morning akkk!

    Woo a soccer chick :) I remember playing that back in the day, always wanted to get back into it :P

    That’s so cute that you and your boss know each other well, don’t you love being excited and happy about a gift!

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