Appointments on top of even more appointments.

And I’m not even ill!

At least once a week for the last little while, I’ve been having appointments with places either in another city, or during work hours. I’m starting to get annoyed and a tad worried about what my boss thinks of this! I do make up the hours that I take off, my boss always tells me that it’s okay, and she’s super laid back about it. I just don’t want to take it for granted! But with all of these checkups, physicals, xrays, dental appointments, chiro appointments (iiiiii know! Look at them all!)

Anyway, so a few days ago I had a checkup at my Orthodontists office in the next city. My Mom’s cousin, and my Mom’s Aunt lives out there, so it’s alright since I have a few relatives that I can visit and have my day not be a total waste of money on a greyhound. My retainers seem to be doing great. Teeth are staying straight, even though I have nightmares (shush lol) about them going back into crooked places and rotting out of my head. Come January, I have only have one appointment in the adjacent city, but I’ll be taking two days off work for that one. My boss even suggested I do so! Very nice.

Times like these, it would be so much easier, faster, more convenient if I had a car. But! I am saving. Saving for a down payment babyahhh. I will have you soon.

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  1. Well he has a car, but it’s still 45 minutes each way for him. Plus, he works. It’s not like he can take off as much time as I can. His work isn’t as flexible, I guess.

    In no time, I’ll have a car. It’ll be ok. lol

  2. Your bf doesn’t have a car either? — That sucks though :( It’s not like St. John’s where you can play $2.25 or whatever it is for the bus, hehe!

    But I’m glad you posted about appointments! I totally forgot that I have a make an appointment w/my doctor! Hah.

  3. I can’t imagine having to take the Greyhound to get to appointments. I take it twice a month to visit the boyfriend, but I’d really hate to have to take it more than that.

  4. Oh my your site is pretty. I love the theme. Make me one? Hehe.
    I have a few crooked teeth. I’m pretty shy to smile because of them. My dentist told me when I was younger that I didn’t need braces but its obvious that I did!

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