A love for Tubby Todd

Unscented and gentle products are a staple for our skin in this household. With me being a sensitive skin person my entire life, then adding in my daily chronic hives for the past 6+ years (it’s absolutely unreal, don’t get me started on it), I’m always looking for products that are effective and that works on both me and my older boy who is reactive to products like his mama. Tubby Todd had a variety of unscented (and scented! Like their lovely hand cream for Mama’s) products for skin.

Tubby Todd makes products not only for kids but I use them too. In fact their (scented, ginger lime) hand cream is beautiful and the packaging is ???????? in the metal tin. This is a generous sized hand cream in an aluminum tube. A thick luxurious cream that smells like warm ginger is one to be gifted this Mother’s Day, or, ahem my birthday. Both coming up next month.

I’ve always been a sucker for beautiful packaging and this one doesn’t disappoint with performance and packaging. (Gosh this sounds so sponsored. It’s not ????). Anyway! If you’re looking for a lil’ somethin-somethin for anyone who would enjoy a hand cream check that one out by Tubby Todd.

Another fan fave in our household is the all-over-ointment. Me and my older boy use it regularly since we both have sensitive skin. It’s also ???????? on cuticles to seal the deal on those dry spots. The best thing about it, is that it’s an all over balm that is fragrance free, and all natural. Perfect for sensitive or eczema prone skin. It’s also pretty fantastic to use on your cuticles.

Have you ever tried their stuff? If you’re in the market, they have some fun stuff coming up this month, so keep an eye out on my Instagram stories!

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