I now have wireless internet hooked up at my cousins house. Scott loaned me his router, and hooked up a few things before I left his apartment, so all I had to do was basically plug-n-go.

Does anyone watch Desperate Housewives? Frick! I love that show. I missed the season premire and the one after that, so Scott downloaded them for me :) So now I’m up to par, and can’t wait for next weeks showing.

I think my first indoor soccer game is tomorrow night. Nobody decided to give me a call to let me know, so I finally went on the website, and searched (such bad navigation!) for the game schedules. I missed a game already! Wtf. Soo…tomorrow is game night I guess. Interesting.

4 days until the Adventure Race. I’m not 100% sure I’m going to do it. It all depends on getting a bike at the moment. Hopefully someone will be generous enough to loan me theirs! Eeps. I gotta go buy a bike helmet tonight. I have no more news – toodle-loo.

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