How many days was that again?

6 DAYS UNTIL I AM HOME. HOME! HOME! HOME! Who me? Just a bit excited? It’s been 18 months since I’ve been back (way too long), and I’m going to make this trip well worth the wait. I’ll be home for fifteen days. I am literally like a little child when it comes to Christmas.

I’m totally rocking out right now to the Christmas music the local radio station plays through my phone (don’t ask), and I blast it … only for one song though because usually it goes back to classic rock after that, and I’m not likin’ that. Okay. Weee!!!

I miss my parents. I also miss my insane dog that acts like a scardy cat, Peepers who probably won’t acknowledge me and won’t notice that I’ve been gone for two years. (I cannot wait to take her here, to our favorite secret spot. She loves the water but never gets in. lol…good puppy!) I miss my best friends that I left back home. I love wrapping up and giving gifts. I cannot wait to take a nice long (20 minutes is long for me) bubble bath in my parents new tub! I’m also very excited to see all the development in the city that has happened in the last little while. Last time boyfriend and I were home together in August 2007, we couldn’t get over how much has changed in the year that we were gone! So many new stores, so many new buildings and roads. It all goes up so fast. Which is kinda sketch but neat at the same time. I’m wondering if my favorite design type store (you know? the kind with nice pillows, little nic–knacks) is still open or if it went out of business!? Hmm!

My mouth waters for the smell of turkey cooking in my Mom’s oven during Christmas day. Oh I cannot wait to… not cook(heh heh). It was funny, I was chatting to my Mom on the web cam the other night. While I was living at home in Newfoundland, I never used to make meals. Mainly because I never knew how, and well I was just lazy. I told my Mom to “hang on a sec” because I had to check on supper. I redirected my web cam and pointed it into the kitchen so I could still somewhat chat/yell to her. She laughed and said it was the first time she ever saw me cook. Which I thought was absolutely foolish. Seeing how I’m used to cooking every. single. night. for boyfriend and I, I hadn’t realized it’s been two years I’ve been up here. Cooking my own meals. Making it all taste delicious. She was right! Maybe, just maybe I’ll give the woman a break during Christmas and mock up some kind of meal for my parents. (Can’t be the best meal I can make. Don’t want to fool her into thinking that she can have ME cook for her when I’m home for a break! hehehe).

Last Christmas I was in Ireland visiting my Brother and his in–law’s. Yeah, it was fun and all. But I think I just miss the routine Christmas get–togethers with close relatives. Plus, my skin will be well hydrated back home, with the damp weather at least. No eczema for two weeks!

It’s a shame that I have to fork out so much money to go home. It’s expensive to fly within Canada. International flights are cheaper than going home, which is part of the reason I went to Ireland last year. I have to whip out a big ol’ $75 each way for the Airport shuttle, since it’s an hour away in Toronto. Suppose that’s all part of it, huh?

Oh buddy. I’m super exciteddddddd.

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