Kijiji bound

I have started stalking the kijiji website for my car. Unfortunately it’s not as … I don’t know how to word it, but professional is the first one that comes to mind. Mainly because there isn’t reliable car dealerships posting on this website. It’s full of cars that people post with their car’s pimped out with chrome trim, which I have to say looks kinda nice on the black Mazda 3.Which I’m going to be checking out on Saturday. Yes, that’s right. A black Mazda 3 hatch. I’ve decided to open up my mind and try different colors with the car I have my eye set on. It’s just ridiculous in my mind that every single white Mazda 3 hatch out there, no matter if it’s exactly identical in mileage, year, what have you — it’s guaranteed to be about fifteen hundred bucks more, just because of the damn color.

Unlike the autotrader website, Kijiji does not have refined searches where I can only look for cars in a certain year. They do however have a price range. Again, not very helpful because a lot of people I’m sure thinks their ghetto white 1992 mazda with carbon fibre hood looks deadly, and try and sell it for the price of  a brand new hyundai accent …  seriously?

I have two Black ’06 mazda 3’s that I’m scoping out over the weekend, and I’m pretty excited. Let’s hope the rain holds up.

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