Textured bedding

I’m really into decorating the bedroom lately. Even though we recently purchased a new duvet and a duvet cover to go with it, I can’t help but look at more! I think I need some more texture.

Waterfall Ruffle duvet cover – Urban Outfitters.

Seed stitch quilt – Urban Outfitters.

Ruched Voile Duvet Cover – Pottery Barn.

Vintage Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover – Pottery Barn

Bed Bath & Beyond duvet cover for $179/Queen or Anthropologie’s identical bed set at $268/Queen. Ooo I loves a good bargain.

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  1. Okay I seriously LOVE LOVE the first one from Urban Outfitters…but Keith would NEVER go for that! We just recently bought a king bed and need a comforter. I am going to show this to him today along with some big old puppy eyes and a pouty lip. Cross your fingers….haha!

    Nancy says: I’m so surprised at my Boyfriend because when we were at Ikea not too long ago I was picking out some (of what I thought) were half-girly bedding and he was all “ok, whatever” type of deal. Good luck with Keith!

  2. I had the “bedding fever” a few months ago. Now,it’s more like “let’s buy every single picture frame ever madeeeee”. Haha.

    PS, don’t forget to check out home-sense for bedding as well ;)

  3. I’m in love with the ruffled one from UO! It’s so pretty! But I know if I brought that home Ro would be like WTF? When we bought our king sized douvet we bought a cheap, ugly cover “just until we find one we like”. It’s been a year and we still have it. And it’s ripped from the cat grabbing on to it to keep from falling off the bed. I think my new mission is to find nicer bedding!

  4. The first one is beautiful. I also like the last one. I can’t wait to get new bedding once I move out. Mine’s very teenish. lol

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