Thanks Twitter!

Thanks to Twitter I’ve found out about things that I would’ve never found myself, and even tried new places that I’ve never heard of!


What the hail?

See, I use Secret deodorant. Not for any good reason either. I got a ton of the full sized for about a dollar each using coupons in conjunction with sales and I’m finally on my second last stick. I’ve decided I won’t open the last one, and just buy a completely different type of deodorant because I’m so sick of having white stained shirts, no matter the color of them. Gross. Secret, you need to get a new formula. Hey. I should write them an e-mail. But I don’t want any free product coupons because I dislike their product so much. But perhaps it’s someone elses favorite brand. Anyway, getting off topic.

I had this new black sleeveless golf shirt I wanted to wear to a tournament (I didn’t play), and I didn’t want to use my secret deodorant. I asked my “followers” what type they use, and if there’s a clear one out on the market that isn’t like a gel, or sticky. JenLudek suggested I pick up some new Nieva kind that is a roll on ball thing.

At first it was wet and a bit sticky but it’s not hard to get used to. I especially love it because it doesn’t leave white clumpy balls of white residue if you happen to sweat a little after you put it on. You don’t have stained black shirts where the armpits are white, and it has a fantastic scent to it.

THEN! Before all of that I ended up being the 900th follower of Catering Fungi and won a $50 gift card because of it! How awesome is that? Oh I’m not finished yet. Twitter is great for finding new people to follow and meet. For instance, I started following @JennFalik which lead me to her blog, and coincidentally her giveaway back in the summer. I ended up winning that too!

Twitter is a great social media tool. I don’t use Facebook at all to communicate with people I know online. I use twitter for both online and offline friends, and I’m always careful about what I tweet. I found a new climbing buddy from twitter, and have gotten to know many new people which happened to blossom into great friendships. So fun! Can’t say I’ve kept in touch with the Network Administrator Jobs I had at the Taxation Centre before I got hired here at my current job!

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  1. I’m so glad to read this because I WILL be trying this product! I’m always griping about how someone needs to invent “clear deo” that actually works and doesn’t leave white marks. That is a major pet peeve of mine! Can’t wait to try it out!

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