Smartie pants

Alfie surprises me every day. Like the other night — I fail to realize how smart this animal really is.

He ran over to me while I was sitting at the computer and whimpered once. I asked him, Where’s your bone? (I say this word for “toy or bone and he usually runs to get it).

I stood up and asked a number once again where’s your bone?, and he trotted around and I started searching for it. He jumped around in a circle, I suppose to get my attention and he raced into the kitchen. He stared at the fridge and I looked underneath it. I couldn’t find his bone and then he pawed and whined at the SIDE of the fridge, near the wall. Sure enough, there was his bone. Stuck in between the two.

I praised him and got him his bone, he grabbed it and ran away happily.

What a crazy dog!! I guess I was always used to Peepers being stunned as I don’t know what that I’m easily excited how smart Mister Alfie is.

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