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You were as smart as a brick, but we loved you for that regal look about you. Loved playing in the snow, and even just sitting there in comfort. I tried playing ball with her, but when I bounced it she could never look up. Not because she couldn’t – but because wasn’t smart enough to realize it bounced. Peepers always loved banging into people. She was a 65lb dog but realistically quite a bit overweight and the friendliest thing on the planet, and not a mean bone in her body. People always told me she had cat-characteristics because she rubbed up on people like a cat would.


She wasn’t eating, drinking, peeing or pooing for the past few days, and due to her intense hip dysplasia we thought she had just given up. She had to be carried by the neighbour and my Dad, inside – she stayed laying down in the exact same spot as they laid her for 24 hours. My Mom desperately tried to get something into her belly.  She wouldn’t even lick the honey off her gums that she rubbed on, to fill her little belly up with … anything. Yesterday, during a huge snow storm while my parents were incredibly busy as my Dad was coming off Chemo, they took her to the vet. They examined her which took a few hours, and eventually called my Mom back to the vet to tell her the bad news. The vet had to put her down because she was covered in cancer.

The thing is, she wasn’t in any pain. She didn’t whimper, whine or cry. But it was best that we put her down.

winter 060415

She was just eight and a half.


Miss you peeper dogggg.

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  1. I’m so sorry =(

    i’ve lost a few dogs [1 to a freak highway accident and my brothers dog had to be put down.. bad hips, had to drag herself everywhere].

    I know the feeling. At least Peepers isn’t in anymore pain, right? But still upsetting and sad [damn I’m starting to cry <.<]

  2. Awww I’m sooo sorry to hear that Nancy :'( I know how much you loved that dog, you often talked of her in your updates (especially whenever you were in NL).

    This was a nice tribute to her :)

  3. What a sweet face. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been going through the same difficult experiences we have. It’s so much harder than I ever imagined it would be.

    Thinking of you!

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