What are you putting in your mouth?

Gosh it is so hard to keep up writing and posting food posts. I don’t know how you, you and you (I could go on listing food bloggers right now — but I’ll stop here) do it! You literally need to write down and take a photo of everything you eat in the run of a day. A lot of times I’m incredibly famished and can’t be bothered to make eye contact with someone, that I literally gobble my food down that it may look like I’m just inhaling it. Alright, I’m really not that bad, I just forget. Or something. But I haven’t been carting my camera around like I used to. Maybe I should? Instead, I’ll talk about something else related to food….


You can find out a lot of information on what you are putting into your mouth everyday. I found this  ‘Two Foods‘ comparison website a few days ago. You can search two types of coffee’s — one from Starbucks, and the other from Tim Horton’s for instance and see which one would be the healthier of the two. Though, I know those two places aren’t even remotely alike. But you kind of get what I’m saying.

I don’t know how many calories in a day that I eat, but I know how much I burn, and how much I need when exercising, so I went to this website and calculated everything I ate for a day. It was pretty interesting, though not some crazy diets for quick weight loss or anything.

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