Let the coupons do the thinking!


Are you tired of opening a new tab or web browser each time you want to search for your coupons?

Well Boo (from SmartCanucks) and Cassie teamed up and put together a collaboration of websites all onto one fabulous site! I can’t imagine how much work this must have been, especially since it needs constant updating! Cassie plans on running the website (way to go girly!) to make sure it has new coupons and also plans on making it the largest coupon database in Canada! I applaud their hard work, for all of the coupon-hunters out there.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Think Coupons has an abundance of websites combined into one-stop place where you can literally find hundreds of coupons from: GoCoupons, Save.ca Coupons, and printables. Basically its a huge database!

You can even search by store, categories, printables, or even “all coupon types” or maybe you want to just search for online deals. Everything is at your fingertips at this ONE STOP SHOP people. No need to go elsewhere! :)

This will definitely save me a lot of time from hunting down the deals myself and going to each individual website. Sigh. I love thee.

Visit Think Coupons!

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