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I said to my boyfriend last night that the next time I/we move, we’re paying someone to pack it all up and move it to the new place. Moving makes me so irritable and angry. Irritable because I’m not as strong lifting mattresses as my boyfriend, and angry because I don’t know where everything is because I’m a terrible organizer with everything I have. The sweat was pouring off of me, like literally. Let me tell ya, if you want the best weight loss supplement, move a friend’s house for them. It was an alright day for it. We waited for the rain to stop and also wanted to have a cargo van from U-haul but there wasn’t any available. So we got the 14 foot one for the same price anyway.

My bed fit fine down in the storage locker, and now everything is a total mess in the apartment. We’re leaving for BC on Thursday so it’s going to be a ruckas pretty much this whole week I’m sure.

I even missed my last game of Women’s outdoor soccer! Wah :(

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  1. It all sounds so stressing, I would pay a removal pro to do it for me, I’ve had the experience of packing and unpacking too many times.

  2. Ohgod, moving is the worst thing ever. Do you know what the worst bit is? Packing everything up, and realising that you really need something, and then not remembering which box you put it in.

    I hope unpacking is easier for you than packing!

  3. I hate moving too.

    I should be moving in a week or two. I ‘m not looking forward to it. I was supposed to be moving in with the x on the 30th…so it’s going to be a bit depressing.

    I also hate packing. Ugh.

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