“Mark all as read”

And now I finally know what people mean, when they say that on their blogs!

I’m always hesitant trying out new things. Google reader is definitely a heaven send. I just recently added all of my daily readers through RSS google reader and now I don’t have to click on every.single.one of my links to see if they updated!

Why didn’t I know about this before?  I always heard people talk ab out it but I didn’t know it was literally through my gmail!!

Now, if only this website could be linked through RSS feeds. It’s still broken. Sorry I don’t have the patience to fix it. I’ve already asked wordpress and my domain hosting what the problem was and they said I have two header tags in my “spiffykerms” banner up top. I don’t see two in my html file, and I don’t know how to go about fixing it. It’s driving me mad.

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  1. Oh seriously, Google Reader changed my life!! It’s so awesome. The only problem is that I keep adding and adding and then I go away on vacation for a week and when I come back, I have over 2,000 unread feeds. eeek! Overwhelming, to say the least. :) (But totally worth it)

    You should try twitter next! :D

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