More random facts!

Since it’s been a while that I did the 25 random facts about myself, I decided to be lazy today and just post some more! Lucky you.

1. I’m not quite five foot six. 5’5 7/8ths, and I’m sticking to that number. I like my height. I’m average or so I think I am. When I was 13 or 14, I wished to grow to 5’9″ which is ginormous to me right now. I’m the shortest one in my family: Mom is 5’10, Brother is 5’11 and three quarters, and my Dad is about 6 feet tall.

2. Unsolicited advice is never really a good thing.

3. We suck at soccer this year. What happened? Summer ’08 season we kicked ass and were in the top 5 teams overall. Winter we were in two leagues and we won the championships in both soccer leagues. This summer? We haven’t won a game yet. Yeah, we tied a few but that’s nothing. We haven’t won ONE. omg.

4. I have no idea how I blog everyday. It just happens. I rarely miss a day, and that boggles my mind. What do I talk about?

5. I need to pay myself more, and stop putting so much money into savings. I need an allowance too!

6. I love it when we dress up as a couple. There’s a wedding we’re going to in a few months, and I’ll have to buy a fall dress (because I never wear dresses and don’t have any besides black ones).

7. I have made enough money from paid blogging to buy a 1 year gym membership at a fancy gym. I will be purchasing the membership when I get back from British Columbia.

8. The key to my heart, is through my stomach. Feed me and I’ll love you forever. I’m such a guy that way.

9. I used to splurge on myself with getting my hair done, but now I’m all about pedicures, $20 pedi’s in fact and she’s so meticulous about it too, and takes foooorrever. But it doesn’t chip at all. It just grow’s out. That’s how good she is. I also hate painting my fingernails, but I do it so I don’t bite my nails. Nasty dirty habit that I thought I stopped after getting braces on, since it was impossible to bite them. But alas, I still do.

10. I just totally got the hugest papercut known to man-kind and it didn’t even bleed yet!?

11. I find it incredibly rude for people asking other people their ages. Especially mine. I was always taught to mind my own business. Respect your elders. Well elders, respect me too please! Co-workers, acquaintances, team mates: “Nancy, how old are you?” — If I answer them my age, I want to say “and you?” after. Is that appropriate? Or I could just say “That’s top secret” like all the other people used to say to me when I was a kid, before I got scolded. So, basically you’re not going to get to know my age. I don’t feel it. Act it. Or look it. I hate it, and am frightened of growing “older”.

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  1. I’ve kinda given up on the paid blogging. For some reason I was never able to register for the payu2blog one, and the ones I use make you write something about the link so it kinda sucks. Maybe I’ll get back into it, the money was kinda nice even thought its not a constant thing.

  2. Kudos on #4! I don’t know how you daily bloggers do it, but I admire you! For some reason your blog and my google reader don’t get along so I can’t subscribe to you, so sometimes it takes me a while to get caught up!

    Can I ask how you’ve been making money through your blog? Is it this blog, or a different one?

  3. Hey Nancy! (yay belles) anyways, I was just wondering also about this payu2blog thing? Could you let me know? Thanks girl
    Also, I love your blog <3

  4. I come to with you a request. No, a…well, I don’t know. I’m begging you, make them get your blog feed thing working! It doesn’t work in google reader :(

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