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There’s been a facebook ‘me–me’ going around where people have been listing off 25 totally random facts about themselves. I decided really sit down and think about typing off 25 random things about myself to post it on facebook, as well as on this site. None of it is extremely personal, as I’d like to think I’m a somewhat private person.  Okay, here we go!

1. I have 31 first cousins. My parents are from large families obviously (Mom is the youngest of five siblings, Dad is the fifth of six children). I haven’t met about 12–14 of my first cousins … and I only “really know” 5 of them. I remember when I was at my Uncle’s funeral, a woman around my Mother’s age came up to me and said my name, then didn’t introduced herself. I asked who she was. She was one of the first cousins I had never met. She was also, kind of odd.

2. I’m terrible with small talk. If I don’t have anything interesting to say, I usually say nothing in fear of sounding ‘stupid’, unless I’m extremely comfortable around you. Then I don’t give two squats. Occasionally, I get bubbly and just talk about anything random under the sun.

3. I cannot eat cereal in the mornings. It makes me sick to my stomach, enough to make me think that I’m lactose intolerant. However. I can eat dry cereal on it’s own, or a glass of milk in the mornings perfectly fine. Now, explain THAT to me? Maybe it’s all in my mind.

4. I used to not be able to swallow pills when I was given medicine for either a headache or prescription as a child or even in my teens. It used to get stuck on my tongue, dissolve and I used to gag and spit it out from the foul taste. My Mom was never too impressed with that. I don’t know when the turn–around happened, but I can now swallow a couple of pills at a time (pill popper!! kidding…)

5. I wish my hair was super thick, instead it’s baby fine and I straighten the eff out of it even though it’s straight when it’s blow dried. I make a lot of sense.

6. I’m terribly in love with climbing. It’s honestly my passion and I get so happy when I climb. I haven’t been a frequent climber since moving to Ontario, even though there is a small climbing gym down the road from me at Laurier, I just don’t go. It’s too small, crammed and not as great as the family-oriented, laid back, wallnuts back home in Newfoundland.

7. I’m not a fan of black/brown purses. I usually go for crazy colors. I only own three purses to my name, one is yellow, the other two are a shade of red/salmon. McDonalds colors! Yum!

8. My boyfriend and I would eat McDonalds everyday for every meal, if we could. .. and if it wasn’t so unhealthy and fattening. (Why don’t they have delivery!?)

9. Nothing really turns my stomach (though revert back to #3 please). After working in the Housekeeping Department at a Hospital, having umbilical cords fall out of unsecured yellow hazardous waste garbage bags onto your shoes, nasty patient toilets, vomit spewed across the walls of rooms, and being a secretary for the Nurses down in the psychiatric ward, I feel that I’m immune to anything “gross”, or sketchy for that matter. Though, working down in the psychiatric ward for one summer, definitely gave me insight. If I ever quit being a Graphic Designer, and decided to go back into full-time studies, I would either be a psychiatric nurse (maybe), or an elementary teacher.

10. One thing I think is absolutely revolting, is onions. I’m glad my boyfriend equally agrees. I once said I was allergic to them at a restaurant, which in turn didn’t work out in my favor. As the quesadillas I ordered “May have come in contact with onions at one point”, as well as a few other menu items I had chosen. I ended up getting some nachos. As I recall, they were absolutely delicious. Montana’s makes the best nachos (I think they season the chips with something first).

11. I make the best quesadilla’s I’ve ever tasted, and I don’t put them in tortillas on the stove top and flip them. I mix all the stuff together, put them on tortillas, and bake them. Lots of cheese.

12. I hate that have become addicted to chewing gum (at work). That is one thing, that I never allowed myself to do while having braces. But once those bad boys came off, there was so many new flavors and new brands to try … I’ve been chewing ever since I got them off about a year ago! It needs to stop, it’s getting ridiculous. I go through a 3–pack a week.

13. MAC cosmetics makes the best face brushes for applying makeup. They’re so expensive, I just stick to the mass–produced holiday sets. One day I’ll get you, 187! One day.

14. I wish my nephews were closer, rather than living in Ireland.

15. I’m currently in my longest relationship. It will be 4 years in June.  He’s my best friend,  I can act foolish around him, and he laughs *with* me, and I wouldn’t change any of that for the world. We’re going to British Columbia together, while I watch him compete in the amazing Ironman Canada race this summer. I’ll be his cheerleader, jumping around like a lunatic and waving the Newfoundland Flag like a fool saying “GO SCOTT GO!”

16. Saving money is like a game for me. I need to have a goal in mind in order to be vigorous about saving money. “I bet I can save more money this month, than I did last”. Naturally, this would leave me with many months where I have felt ‘broke’ … but also had a crapload of money from the previous pay, in my savings account. Win win?

17. I didn’t start cooking until I was 26. It was when I moved to Ontario. Thankfully I cook exactly like my Mom, even though I had never cooked with her before. She just instructed me over the phone and everything tasted just like Mom’s Home Cookin’. Mmm Mmm. Now, if only I had 1/10th of her boobs. (Sorry Mom).

18. I’m an over–analyzer and I worry a lot. Usually I gush to those close to me (mainly my boyfriend, and Mom), and they’re both not really worry-warts, and are pretty laid back. Which evens out.  I also often mis-pronounce, and make up my own words. Kaiser?… and  “Dethawing the chicken” come to mind.

19. I absolutely, completely honest with you, love my job.

20. I’d like to sky dive, even though I’m afraid of heights (yes, I still climb and I’ve always been afraid of heights), and then perhaps visit Thailand, Greece, and Italy.

21. My Dad and I have a lot of the same traits. I see a lot of my Brother, in my Mom. My brother is more outgoing and talkative like my Mom. I’m quiet (around ‘outsiders’ haha), and shy in most cases. My Brother and Mom look a lot alike, as do me with my Dad! Yay.

22. I always wanted a younger brother, but a sister would’ve been okay too.

23. After joining an Ontario soccer league, I’ve gained a lot more confidence in my skills. Apparently I’m the top scorer on the team. I think that’s awesome. I’m in two indoor leagues during the winter, and two also in the summers, but one being a coed team.

24. I have a terrible sweet tooth, which I usually hide from people so they don’t actually know how much junk I eat. Not so ironically, the dentist is my worst fear, and I HATE going. (I don’t mind invasive doctor appointments, etc.) He should have a TV in his office.

25. I love to make people laugh.

The end!

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  1. Oh I love this post! Makes me feel like I know you a little bit more. You kinda grossed me out with the umbilical cord talk but it’s all good…lol :)

  2. #2 and #16, I can relate to 100% i tell myself i’m broke so that i will save money even though i have a ‘crapload’ saved

  3. I will never be capable of writing such a long list about myself. I am so simple i would get to number 7…..and I wish I had the time to think about them!!!!

  4. I can eat cereal in the mornings, but I dont like too – it never keeps me full.

    HAHA – I love the one about straightening your hair. I’m jealous of you! I have thin CURLY hair and it takes me agggessss to get it straight.

    Skydiving is awesome – you gotta do it. I did it in northern NSW and it was crazy scary while doing the free fall, but then absolutely beautiful and tranquil as we sailed down once the parachute was up.

    I have a massive sweet tooth too :-) If I could, I’d eat dessert at every meal (and sometimes I do…)

  5. I also LOVE McDonald’s (their cheeseburgers, their fountain drinks, ahhh), as well as junk food (mostly of the chocolate variety). I am not however very good at hiding this fact. Most everyone knows that the way to win points with me is by giving me chocolate ;) I’m also not that great at small talk when I’m like totally unfamiliar with you. I think this is because I have a pretty sarcastic personality and like to joke around, and sometimes people take it the wrong way.

  6. Oh my gosh…I can’t believe it took me so long to see this page! I loved it!!! I could identify with a lot of them! But you now have me craving quesadillas! haha!

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