Skewers gone a’skew

You guys, I am so nuts. Blogging constantly every day, sometimes twice a day I’m a self-proclaimed nerdle. This is my 26th post in May and it’s only the 21st! There’s noo stopping me! Tons of topics to talk about, and my brain is going wild with ideas. I still have to sit down and write a photo post on what I purchased last week (and returned, good girl!). Exciting.


Doesn’t that photo right there, make your mouth water and want to head home and cook up a feed?

Well, as you all know barbecue season is fast approaching and probably is already here for most. I haven’t fired up the one on the patio this year, but I’m thinking I may do it this weekend. Boyfriend is heading out to a party about 30km away at his old bosses house (who also does Tri’s and Du’s with him) but I won’t be going this year to his Birthday Party. I have my second game of co-ed soccer tomorrow and I don’t want to miss my second game. Plus, last year I got a little too tipsy on the free alcohol provided by the host, and hurled a lot. It was tré embarrassing. Needless to say, I’m  a bit humiliated to go drinking with them again. (I promise, I know my limits.  I’ve only gotten sick twice from drinking, and this being the second time. I just hadn’t drank in months prior and obviously really wasn’t used to it. Plus the booze was free! Who wouldn’t go wild on shots?).  Also, they’re all in their late 30’s and 40’s, not that there’s anything wrong with that age. I just don’t really feel like going, plain and simple.

ANYWAY back on topic. If only I had some of these fancy skewers that are shown to your left. I mean, I do have regular ones, but grilling-skewerwouldn’t these be so awesome just for aesthetic reasons (they’re quite practical too, if I do say so).

Check out the woman marinating them in a bowl all rolled up like that (below). I never thought about marinating a skewer! Seriously guys. I have never thought about doing that. I love absolutely every one of those veggies on the skewer and would love to devour it all (minus the onions, because we all know how much I despise those buggers) I’d maybe even put a potato on there!

The skewer is a stainless steel cable style skewer that allows you to utilize more space on your BBQ and the ends of your skewer actually stays cool thanks to the innovative stainless steel construction. Which is also a lot easier to flip the kebabs instead of fiddling around with one of those clamper teeth thingies (I know you know what I’m talking about here!) that picks up chicken and what not. They’re two for $10 on amazons’ site! A totally great find, on my part. I don’t know if these are shippable (is that a word?) to Canada or not. Amazon only likes to sell us Canadians, books. Sigh.


Mmmm I love my belly.

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  1. You are an enthusiastic blogger! But if you’ve got lots to say – say is! That’s what we’re here for (to read it!)

    Those skewers look pretty cool. Interesting idea about tacking a potato on how about sweet potato? I think that would taste good.

  2. Thanks for the compliment!! I love your blog as well! Definitely will read it regularly!

    Have a fab night!

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