Surprised to see an update from me? Yea. Me too.

Ever since I finished classes, I’ve been taking advantage of the mornings, and sleeping in until 11A! Today however, was much different. I woke up a couple of times, but I didn’t get out of bed until What Not To Wear came on. hee hee

I was just watching the news with my Mom and I nearly DIED when I saw this “Daily Dancer’s” Website. Apparently he even took classes to show him how to do some moves. I just think that this guy is hilarious, nerdy, and cannot dance. Oh you’ve got to check it out for yourselves. You’ll be in fits.

I’ve been helping my friend move into her new spacious modern super cool Condo over the past couple of days. She’s pretty much settled in now. Maybe this weekend we’ll go shopping for a huge area rug that she wants to put in her living room. I’ve been keeping myself occupied since school ended. Right now, I’m working on some 50th Wedding Anniversary invitations for my Mom’s cousin’s aunt. (Confused yet?) So those are coming along nicely. I just have to print them on cardstock and I’m set. I’m also backing up stuff from my PC to my laptop. I’ve got all the programs that I need, from a classmate. Sweet. Now I’ve just got to get all my photos on DVD or something, just to have them – before I move.

I bought my one-way ticket about a week ago.  That was kind of weird. There was an ad in the newspaper a while ago with some airline seat sale for $50! But – it wasn’t good enough for me, since it was a Charter flight, could cancel anytime (which is doubtful said the sales guy HA!) and that I’m limited to one bag at a total of 44lbs. Shag that! I’m MOVING to Ontario. 44lbs wouldn’t cut it. So, I went with another airline and I’m good to go. At first I was nervous to leave the province, then a while after… I was super excited, and now I’m feeling nervous again. I just can’t wait to find myself a decent reliable job that I can depend on. Especially if I want to move out of my cousin’s house and get myself an apartment. Ahh!

I’ve found this amazing artist called Sanskara Dub on a website. I’ve tried downloading his music on Limewire, and bittorrent, but there’s no such luck. I doubt that I can buy his CD in the stores around here, since anytime I search for his name on Google, everything comes up in double dutch (German perhaps). Too bad I feel unsafe by buying online.

Oh, almost forgot to post. But my boyfriend sent me this great flash movie in an e-mail. You guys MUST check it out. It’s really creative and funny.

Not sure if he still reads my site or not, but my buddy who lives in Alberta now is celebrating his quarter of a century birthday. Happy Birthday Steve! YYAAY!

Alright, I’m just going to end it here since I’m now done writing a book load entry.

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