Design show

I haven’t updated a long time because I’ve been really busy with finishing up school. I wrote my last exam ever this afternoon, it was kinda weird. Tomorrow is going to be busy for me as well, it’s our design show. Fun to dress up a bit, but nerve-wrecking to show our portfolio. That will go on, until after supper sometime – then we head out with the class for one more time. We’re going to this pool hall and apparently we’re having free drinks & stuff. Should be alright – I can’t bring my camera because it’s BROKEN for reasons we shall not discuss on here or I’ll get angry again, and I’m darn well sure I’m not bringing my Mom’s camera either. Maybe someone in my class will take a few pics during the evening with everyone fancied up.

I wasn’t expecting a graduation present at all. Until one evening my parents called me upstairs to open it – a freakin LAPTOP. Uh, score!? I’m really thrilled about that, as a matter of fact I am updating from it now.

Dj Dayhota is playing in town on June 3, Yesss.

I think I’m going to buy my one way ticket to Ontario tomorrow. Exciting.

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