Buy flowers for your girl

Ever struggled to figure out what kind of bouquet or blooms to spoil your girl with? Most guys have, so to address this problem, here is your fool proof guide to choosing the ideal bouquet to impress your lady friend or that special woman in your life. And come to think of it, why not treat your mum!?

It doesn’t take a huge amount of cash or (thankfully) any kind of floral expertise and know-how, thanks to flower delivery in Sydney from Fresh Flowers, to totally win her over and hopefully knock her socks off! Here are a couple of easy to-remember pointers which is all you’ll ever need to get your girl on your side, and win her love back after a fight.

Step 1: Learn at least a little something about your girl

What colours does she like or wear? For those of you with no idea at all about this, think about what colours she usually wears or has about her. What shade is her handbag, her phone, her sneakers, her laptop? It is likely that the answers are right in front of you. Just have a look.

How would you describe her if you had to? Edgy? Ourgoing? Smooth and passionate? Occupation/purpose-oriented? Fragile or bold? Timid or confident? Interesting, quirky, significant? A couple of these descriptions will have your florist putting together something special in no time. Is she allergic to anything plant-wise? Worth finding that one out.

Step 2: What are you wanting to say or do with your bouquet?

I love you completely and want to remind you of how much I feel about you? Thank you for something special you’ve done? I’m totally in love with you and want everybody to see it? Happy Birthday/Anniversary? I’m really sorry for what I did/said/forgot to say? I want you to have flowers for absolutely no other reason than I thought you might like them?

Step 3: Speak to a florist

Get in touch with a florist (why not try flower delivery in Sydney from Fresh Flowers?) and work with them using the pointers above to figure out the best kind of bouquet to send your lady, and hopefully touch on some of the flowers that are really going to make her day. You can’t underestimate the power of flowers to really say something special. Your florist will guide you on the types of arrangements to be put together and they may be able to create a bespoke arrangement for you. You can also go off their guidance – after all, they’re experts!

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