Visa Black Card

How many Credit Cards do you have to your name? At one point I had a couple going at the same time, but I’ve resorted to just having a Master Card the past few years. Only due to the fact that there wasn’t an annual fee and I get free groceries when I spend my money. So that’s kinda awesome.

Visa has come out with a black card, made of stainless steel. Pretty innovative and it looks really sleek. There’s a 30 second commercial on YouTube about it. I’m not too sure what it all entails and if there’s a fee for having one. Or if it’s even available to anyone/everyone. I’d have to research that a bit more. However, from what the YouTube video says about it, you get some pretty special perks as a card holder like 24-Hour Concierge Serve, VIP Treatment at over 3,000 properties, Unlimited VIP Airport Lounge Visits. Nice. Anyway take a peek at the great commercial visa has done.

How many credit cards do you own?
I only have one right now.

Do you keep a balance on your credit card, or do you pay it off monthly?
I immediately pay off my purchases within days of making them. I hate having a balance, and never once was late for a payment. Therefore, I know I have a pretty spectacular credit score, haha. Patting myself on the back a little bit there ;)

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. Opinions are 100% my own.

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