And here I thought it was a bunch of hoopla

So I’ve been taking my inhaler 15-30 minutes before my workouts at CrossFit. If you missed my post last week, I talked about getting one for my exercise induced asthma.

I never really thought about needing an inhaler, ever. I just wondered why my breathing was so off compared to everyone else. I thought I was just pushing myself to exertion, or just really hard. Here I thought exercise induced asthma was a bunch of hoopla. Well, clearly I was wrong. It worked a world of wonder for my lung capacity and I feel normal when I work out now.

Sure I do take breaks when doing my WODs (Work out of the day’s) at CrossFit. But it’s not my breathing that is now stopping me, it’s the workout itself. I don’t have to stop or slow down just to get some deep breaths in. I can plow right through it. I feel a million times better. I know my lungs are opening up further than they’ve ever been. Which is a really interesting feeling. This is how it’s supposed to work! Now I get it lol.

I kinda like having this doo-dad around with me before I work out.

I’m interested in hearing how many people actually suffer from exercise induced asthma as well. Do you? Leave a comment down below!

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  1. I’m sorry that you have to join the club, but I’m glad you are feeling better. Plus Iman and I are in the club…so that’s pretty cool. ;) Maybe we’ll get matching jackets lol

  2. Hi nancy,

    I suffered from exercise induced asthma. Then I started having symptoms when I got sick as well. As time went on I became increasingly reliant on my inhaler for less and less exercise. Then last year I changed my diet drastically to see if I could improve my immune system, and so far it has been working – no illness or asthma since. For me it was cutting out wheat and dairy from my diet that got rid of the inflammation in my body (which was causing my asthma symptoms).

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