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My first day of Kindergarden with my Brother.

I took this while visiting my Brother and his fam in Ireland a few years ago. He now lives in Canada! YAY!

Bet you didn’t expect them to have PALM TREES in Dublin, didja?

Random Fact: I rarely use pencils, and when I use a pen it must be black ink.

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  1. I always thought Ireland was chilly! Palm trees are a big surprise!!

    Nancy says: It was BITTER cold. Damp, and windy. Just like Newfoundland.

  2. In oposition to Ireland’s weather, irish people are the warmest, funniest and lovely persons in Europe,…… once you have finished the first pint of beer. At the beginning I couldn´t even understand them, what do they speak…..gaelic?

    Nancy says: The people from Newfoundland are the exact same way. Maybe it’s because we’re almost all Irish decentants (that, or British). As I understand, not many people speak Gaelic anymore. But my older nephews (they’re in their teens) speak a little of it. I think they learn it in school perhaps too.

  3. Ugh, I hate pencils haha. When I was in school I always used to smear the lead and get it all over the place (no, I’m not a lefty… haha). But I do love that picture of you and your brother! So cute :)

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