Hospital days

I always think back to when I worked at the Hospital for a number of years. Whether you were working as a Housekeeper, or a Ward Clerk, we had to always wear medical uniforms. Can’t say they were the most flattering and I really disliked spending my money on expensive plain cotton, matching from head to toe. Lately I’ve been noticing places basically everywhere sell discount medical scrubs for clearly a great price. I also remember the days that we could pay $1 that would go to the Children’s hospital charity program so we could wear our jeans on Fridays. That was a highlight, especially being in my late teens/early twenties where I could show off my style a little bit.

At the moment I’m working at another place where a uniform is not needed. But also where jeans aren’t acceptable. I kinda wish they had the same thing where you can pay $1 where it’d go to charity and we could wear our non-ripped, office appropriate jeans.

So getting back to my days at the hospital. I don’t think I have any photos of that place to show you at all. But I met some great people there who I’m still in touch with via Facebook aka stalkbook.  It was definitely a memorable four years working in places like the pych ward in the basement for weeks on end filling in for the Ward Clerk who was on holidays during the summer, from being in the NICU (baby’s ICU unit) and seeing teeny tiny babies being baptized and cleaning the burn unit’s massive tub the size of a lunch room. I’ve learned to not get grossed out by a lot of things. At least now I can clean toilets without gagging – however my most hatred chore to this date is dishes. Probably because I do them so often, right?

Do any of you work in a Hospital or even a Doctor’s office setting? If you’re looking for some scrubs in fashion check out the links I’ve been posting all over this blog post! :)

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  1. I work for the federal government, there is not dress code really, some people take it to the extreme though, I’ve seen people in their pyjama bottoms. That’s really too far. Jeans can be so dressed up I don’t see what the big deal is.

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