Worst game of soccer

Man, are my muscles ever sore. I love it. Though, we played the worst game of soccer tonight. We had zero subs yet again, and the other team had a full set of subs – like 8 players on the bench, it was sick. I’m totally pooped. My shins and lats are gone. Weird combination, I know. So, one more week until Scott arrives in town, and 8 days til my cocktail party. It’s gonna be sweet. I uploaded two new galleries on the photograph page, so view them if you want. Hmm, what’s everyone at the long weekend? I don’t have any plans, nor do I plan on having any. I might go climbing or something but that’s about it. My basement is in such a states, I’ve got to clean up a bit. There’s a huge dining room table, which someone gave me.. I don’t know where the heck i’m gonna put that mofo. It’s massive! It can’t stay in my room, haha. Anyway this is usless.. I’m off to bed, got an early rise tomorrow. Lates!

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