I got exempted from Art History

Hitting the gym with two new gym buddies is great. Stef goes with me sometimes, and Trev and I have been working out during the wee hours of the night. Usually we’re the only two people at the gym, it’s friggen great. Especially having treadmill competitions with each other – running so fast my legs almost fall off the treadmill.. No laughing! Concentrate! Anyway, I think I have a routine set up for myself now. Working out most likely 3 days a week, rather than 6. Abs and 25mins of cardio each time I go, then break it up … triceps and chest, biceps & back day #2, and the third day of the week, I’d do shoulders and legs. Since I’m just going there to tone, I’ll do 4 sets of 10. Ohhh buddy. Some excited.

We started school last week, but didn’t have any real classes yet. I got exempted from Art History, thank the Lord. Even though it’s super interesting, it’s just borrring sitting on your ass for 3hours on Thursday mornings. I might just sleep in on those days, hehe.

THREE, just 3 more days until I pick Scott up at the airport. FLIPPIN EXTATIC I am.

I need some new tunes to put on my mp3 player, for when I work out. I like Hot Hot Heat now lately.. I also like this song I’ve got for the download of the day. I don’t like crazy fast house music, for when I work out…K i’m bored, cya!


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