Scott’s trip!

Wow! Where have I been lately. Hmm, let me recap these past four days while Scott was in town. Oh, uhh.. how about amazing?! I had the greatest time with him. It was a perfect time for him to come visit me, because school just started two weeks ago, we haven’t really had any assignments nor homework, so I got to spend all of those full 4 days with my favorite guy. I’ve got some pictures here too, they’re right here if you want to view them.

I just got back from soccer. We were playing in drizzling rain, and incredibly windy weather. I won’t be surprised if I wake up tomorrow with the sniffles. My shoes are soaked, so they’re drying upstairs near the heater. Man, I’ve been playing a lot of left mid this season. Today, I almost got a goal. Hit the tip of the goalies fingers, went in a bit – she backed up and caught it again. Friggen frig is all I’m going to say about that! Oh, and I still haven’t recieved my nice new DC shoes. But by the UPS website tracking, it says they’re just in the next twin city. Hopefully they’ll arrive at my house tomorrow.

Well, back to cleanin up this messy basement of mine. Lates!

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