I cannot wait to get my hair done by a professional stylist. I haven’t gotten a trim since May 3rd, yuck. My hair needs a trim badly but I’m not going to do it unless I trust the person cutting it. I’ve had enough going to First Choice Hair Cutters. The people there are either foreign and don’t understand what a trim means and hack off my hair to my shoulders, or they suck and cannot get a job at a better salon. It’s true! Though, $13.20 for a trim isn’t that bad. But I quit! For now anyway, until I go back to my old ways when I don’t want to pay $45.00 for a hair cut.

I made an appointment with a brand new salon that sells AVEDA products (I’m an AVEDA feen)! But instead of getting a hair cut, I decided to try them out by just getting my hair dyed there. I’m more afraid of cuts, than I am color (see link below lol). Then I will make my decision after they dye my hair. Last summer was the last time I actually went to a salon to get my hair dyed, and then it was stupid blonde. BF liked it, I hated it. After that I went back to box dye, and the last time I put that horrid stuff in my hair was back in February. I felt soo guilty when I was applying it on my hair. That stuff’s bad for your poor hair. So as of right now I’ve got brown roots and a tinge of reddish/blonde on the rest of my hair. It’s not that noticeable, but enough to make me want to go to a salon and get it fixed. Saturday afternoon is my appointment! Going to get my hair dyed dark brown again. Maybe a lot darker than my natural color. I’m undecided about that part. I asked them if they did funky colors, since I had it done in 2005. The receiptionist told me I’d have to go buy the funky hair dye down at some clothing store down the road from them? Uhh.. no. Weird.

Okay! Excited!

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