So long babyhood

Boy oh boy, juggling two boys as a SAHM and wanting to find the time to sit here and write up blog posts is ….somethin’ else. I truly don’t know who reads them anymore – I sometimes do. And I want to keep the ol’ blog going. So this is where I’ve been lately.

I’ve been so engulfed with my thoughts and spending time with my boys because guess what? I registered bebs for kindergarten (as most may know, he’s never been in preschool or TK, he’s been home with me for almost 5 years). Unreal.

There’s a lot going on in his brain lately. Such an intelligent inquisitive kid. Mostly questions about death, and I remember when I was his age I was terrified about war, or getting hurt, or my parents dying. Bebs is in the same boat and asking me very detail oriented questions about death.

He’s asking about my father how he died. Why couldn’t the doctor’s fix him. Did I watch him die. Can he feel anything now that he has died. Those kinda questions.

Boy, I wish my Dad was still alive to meet my kids.

Kids have some complex brains man. A lot of questions that are difficult for me to answer without whippin’ the ol’ Google out. Asking questions I’ve never even thought of honestly lol.

I’m trying to be as present as possible in my boys life (not that I wasn’t already) but it’s hitting me that my older one is going to kindergarten in the fall.

It’s crazy how fast life passes by when you have children.

The questions I always have before they go to school and become naturally influenced by others:

Did I do enough?

Will he be okay?

But before you know it, the years have passed. He’s growing up fast and it truly is bittersweet. I really do mourn the toddler years already since we had so much freedom together. Me being a SAHM and him being able to galavant out to the forested adventures anytime any day.

Anyway obviously not against the kid getting an education ????. As I said, it’s a bittersweet period in our lives. For sure going to shed some tears getting him ready for kindergarten. Let’s hope he gets into the school that we really want him in! ????????

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