Not much of a ‘to-do list’ anymore!

I’m not sure how I’m doing it but for the last two nights I’ve only gotten around 6 hours of sleep. Usually I need 8 to at least function. I’m one of those people who need tons of sleep in any given night or I’m drained if I don’t.

Last night I packed two of my suitcases and separated the weight quite evenly. I still have a few things on the drying rack that need to be packed in there as well.

Want to know something? Women are SUCH multi-taskers and I found that out the easy way last night. I’m also a little ADD about it too, because I don’t finish a task and complete it right away. Here, let me explain.

  • I filled the sink up with hot water for the dirty dishes.
  • I had supper being prepared (roasted potatoes, boiled carrots, chicken on the grill and cauliflower)
  • I decided I needed to start packing so I laid out some clothes that I wanted to bring.
  • Remembered that I should do laundry — brought 3 loads down.
  • Wanted to film an OOTD video so I filmed that on my YouTube channel
  • Decided that I wanted a clean kitchen and bathroom when I returned in January — so I scrubbed and scrubbed some more
  • Changed all the garbage’s
  • Got back to the supper (we had a late supper)
  • Starting packing Alfie’s toys
  • Laid out my clothes for the next day (my Boss gave me a cute cardigan that I wore today!)
  • Packed my lunch for today (cannot do anything in the morning)
  • I even cleaned out the fridge!!!

We even ended up watching a movie starting it at 11:30 at night. It was O Brother Where Art Thou, with George Clooney. It was a bit cookey like Burn After Reading, but I still had a few laughs.

What else I have to do before we go?

  1. Put away all the clothes on the drying rack
  2. Finish doing the dishes
  3. Replace all the towels in the bathroom (<3 coming back to clean sheets/towels etc)
  4. Make sure the Boyf gets packed
  5. Bathe Alfie & clip his nails
  6. Pack Alfie’s other belongings

Moses, what’s gotten into me. At least I’m done packing, and I even made Scott pack last night too — except his stuff isn’t in a suitcase yet. At least we’re getting there.


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  1. I LOVED that Vlog!!! I loved the Q&A! I totally agree about eggnog and gingerbread men! And I liked the outfit of the week…holy cow your boss got you a GOOD gift! That necklace is awesome!!!

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