Worn out from the comp

I’m extremely glad that we got a snow day today. Yesterday’s climbing competition has me completely worn out! My bum, and shoulders are so tired today, it’s funny actually. I’ll be uploading a ton of photos from the competition, once I get them on my computer and some friends are going to email me some of the pics from their camera. I placed 2nd, not too bad at all I’ve gotta say. Katie (1st place winner) and I tied at first. We both got to the top of the Women’s Final. We had to be put back in isolation and wait for the Men to climb their final route. After they climbed it, Katie and I had to climb it, to see who got first place in Women’s. Katie and I fell on the SAME spot on the Men’s final, however she managed to reach up for the next hold, miss it, and fall. I didn’t reach up, therefore I got second. YAY, prizes next weekend!

For those of you that live in St. John’s, I’m in the newspaper today! haha. Check that out online. I’m not giving the link out here, because it says my last name on the page. Back to work I go.

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