Tacori-LogoI absolutely love a simple sans-serif font used in this classy logo like Tacori. As a Graphic Designer, I tend to notice and love these type of things. San-serif all the way.

So, let’s get to it shall we?

Whether I’m looking for a pair of diamond earrings for myself (of course, someone else would purchase them for me. Though, don’t get me wrong – it’s okay to buy diamonds for yourself. I guess lol) or simply picking out a nice necklace and bracelet set for a family member — perhaps my Mother or bestie, if I was super rich … but I’m not. Sorry gals.

The Tacori website is so beautifully designed it is very smart looking and elegant, the site itself is quite easy to navigate too. Tacori has stores all across North America, so that finally doesn’t exclude us Canadians, if we want to hint to our significant others. Since my Birthday is coming up in the next two months … well, you know. *wink wink, nudge nudge* you men paying attention?

Any lady would be a lucky one to receive one of Tacori’s fine jewelery. I especially love that your significant other can choose a ring based on the “Engagement Ring Quiz” that they can take here. I actually took it myself (lol don’t laugh!), and I thought the ring the quiz picked out was absolutely stunning, and I would kill to have it. Maybe guys (or my guy) that read this will get a hint and take the  quiz and perhaps be inspired to shop for a ring, and POP the question. Yes / Yes? I’m not eager, promise. I’m just getting old.

Tacori is inspired by their customers to design the perfect ring passion, teamwork and imagination. No two pieces of Tacori’s are ever exactly the same.

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