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You don’t have to be an elderly person to require a Stair Lift, in fact — some things in life, need to be addressed and thought about in advance. What happens if you’re in a car accident or just suddenly fainted and dropped to the ground, only for your children to come home from school/work and find you in a state on the floor? It recently happened to a friend of mine, and now her Uncle seems to be somewhat permanently in a wheel chair. The Uncle’s family recently installed a stair lift in their home and had to even add a bedroom downstairs due to their second story not being accessibly for the first little while (prior to the stair lift, that is).

It is definitely a scary thought. But there are people who can help ease the confusion and questions you may have regarding adding such a fixture to your home. The stair lifts, and even wheelchair lifts come in a variety of models to ensure that your budget needs are met, and they can help basically anyone in need.

ThyssenKrupp Access has been around since 1947 which leaves it one of the oldest, most trusted providers of accessibility equipment and residential elevators. So you don’t have to worry about your home not being put to its potential use. That multi-level / story home of yours can now be accessible to all family members whether or not they are restrained to a wheel chair or not! Just because you have a life change regarding your body, does not mean your whole world needs to change. Everything in the comfort of your own home can be accessed easily.

If you’re in the situation that I just described above and would like some more formal information, you can easily just visit their website located here:

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