7 Things About Me

Meg was the first person that tagged me, as I was tagged a couple of times, so I’ll link her back.

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7 Things About Me

1.  I am addicted to my Avene lip balm. Just like Angela with her lip balms. I kinda stole her idea off reading her blog post about it. But it’s true. I’ve never used a lip balm before this one, mainly because I just didn’t like the feel of the others. My lip balm at work. I’m also terribly addicted to chewing gum at work. Ignore the package of United States Orbit gum that I chewed through in an afternoon. I know..

Same brand of lip balm at my desk at home.

I keep one in my purse too. Faux fur purses get so many stares from strangers. Awkward. Oh, also one near my bed. Because I need soft lips while I sleep didn’t you know. That’s a candy wrapper for you, Janae. There’s one in my car too, and a few back ups elsewhere around the apartment. I don’t think you need a photo of all of them.

2.  Starbucks gives me gut rot like no other. TMI? But I still feel the need to indulge every once in a while.

lol this one was free for my Starbucks free birthday drink. Promise, I don’t normally buy Venti fraps.

Hazelnut Latte’s are pretty darn tasty.

My local starbucks doesn’t have those insert sticks where you put the stick in the lid so when you drive it won’t spill. These stickers do NOTHIN’. Also, I must find out what nail polish that was on my nails. SO CUTE. I pick good colors, don’t I? :)

3. I climb. Yet I’m still somewhat afraid of heights. Here’s some cool photos of me. YAY CLIMBING!

Fun right? These photos are all old. Since moving to Ontario I don’t get to climb as often as I’d like to. There’s NO climbing gym for the public here. 4.  I pronounce certain words wrong. Like Kaiser buns. Even though I’m corrected each time, I repeat the correct word, and then forget it minutes later and call it the wrong thing again. Ky-zer…Kay-zur? Which one is it? What’s wrong with my brain? I can’t think of anything else but Kaiser at the moment.

5.  I like peanut butter only on it’s own. Like sandwiches, but I’m not a fan of Reeses Pieces, or chocolate and pb mixed together. I can eat chocolate covered peanuts though.

6. I enjoy looking in my rear view mirror of my car. When it’s raining, or its freshly snowed, to see where my tire tracks go. Is that weird? Does anyone else do that?

7. I have the neatest hand printing. I always get compliments on it. For instance, I went into Sephora and opened up my book that I write things that I want/need down and the SA ended up saying she thought it looked typed out. Huh.

Oh. I’m done already? That didn’t take too long. If you’re interested in reading more I also have a ‘25 random facts about me‘ listed in my about section of this site. But you can shortcut to it here. It’s a good read.

Oh my word, I have to pass this tag along to 15 other bloggers? I hope I can think of 15 other that haven’t done it. Hmm, let’s see…oh I know who’s going to be #1 on my list. The super hilarious, friendly Janae at Hungry Runner Girl, Shannon (an ex co-worker of mine, if you can believe it!), bloggy friend now real-life friend Susan…annnnd i’ll just write the remaning people down below. Okay, starting from scratch:

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  1. I am seriously amazed at how many tubes of lip balm you have at your disposal! But really, that’s a great idea. I’m CONSTANTLY losing mine.

    Also, hazelnut latte, mmmm.

    I’ll start working on my post asap! Thanks for thinking of me :)

  2. Thanks for the tag hun!

    There’s a climbing gym in Guelph… I went there last winter, it wasn’t too bad… I also think there is one at Bingeman’s in the FunWorx complex…

    Nancy says: I’m talking a real climbing gym (like the one at Guelph Grotto). The Bingeman’s one is just one wall and I don’t think they change the routes regularly on it. I just don’t like driving 45-50 minutes to go climbing. Someone needs to build one in this twincity :(

  3. I have VENTI Starbucks all the time, did you hear they made an even bigger size? yum.

    Nancy says: HAHA. I couldn’t do it. A tall is all I need, and even then my stomach hurts after I drink it. Also, had no idea they made a bigger size than venti. Oh my word. I do know they make “short” which is like a super small drink.

  4. Yes Morgan, it is a small world! :) I’m glad you didn’t say, “the worst ex-coworker” haha but surely I was pretty close to the best!!! LOL

    Thanks for giving me some more work to do… just like old times!


  5. I love this post, getting to know more about bloggers is always fun – And as for your 25 things – 2,5 & 18 are totally me as well!
    Ps: orbitz is kind of the best gum and worth the drive over the border :)

  6. Girl, you are adorable. Seriously, I want to be you!!! You are an amazing climber…I had no idea. Climbing is SO SO hard, you are my hero! Yay for candy wrappers ha, love it!! Oh, I am SO addicted to lip balm too…I am going to have to try your brand! Help me with my handwriting ha and no pb and chocolate, I am sorry for your loss! Can’t wait to do this…thanks for tagging me girl!

  7. Fun…I loved this!! And I know what you mean about the Orbitz Gum…I swear I could chew an entire pack in one day.

  8. Incredible the 3rd pic, I thouhgt your lip balm was hidden in Alfie’s back!!!!!

    Nancy says: bahahhahaha it certainly does look like Alfie.

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