Today’s outfit was completely inspired by Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers in her outfit from May 27. Yay for inspiration! One of my two favorite sites for going for fashion inspiration is Julie (I’ve gotten into wearing more dresses/skirts this year because of her looks!), and J from Js Every Day Fashion for inspiration on shopping in my own closet and just pairing pieces I would’ve never paired up before.

Here’s the rest of my outfits from this week:

Have a fun Friday! What are everyone’s plans this weekend? I know I just went to Ikea but I kinda want to pick up a new computer cabinet, because mine is ugly and made of MDF… the particle board (crap!).

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  1. Great looks! My favourite this week is thursday. Love that skirt, and the top you choose makes a great combination. Also loved monday and tuesday tops .

    PS: Great tan by the way.

  2. Lots of color this week! Looks great!! I tried your St. Tropez last night…must say I like it! But I need to do better on my ankles and knees next time, oops :)

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