The tampon stealer

I gotta say I’m pretty disgusted at something right now.

This morning at work I went to the washroom with my feminine products “purse”. I remember for a fact that I laid it down on the other side of the dual sinks because that side wasn’t soaked with water all over the counter. I dried my hands, fixed my hair because my hair is in an ugly flat pony tail, and walked out of the washroom.

The company I work at is attached to another building and we have to go into another building to use the washroom.

Well I didn’t realize I lost it til this afternoon when I needed to go again, and I was like “Oh shoot – I left it over there!”. I told my co-worker I bet it was gone, but she reassured me that no one would take such a thing.

I came back in such a huff with a stern face saying someone stole my g^& da*% feminine products purse.

First of all. WHO steals someone elses tampons! I left my feminine products “purse” in the washroom and now it’s flipping gone? Gross. OMG GIVE IT BACK. Like really. There wasn’t even that much in it anymore since it’s the “end”… if ya catch my drift. The purse thing was even from the flipping dollar store. But just the inconvenience of not having it, and that someone actually stole the friggen thing really ticked me off.

Who knows where that has been. You know? I’d never steal someone elses TAMPON PURSE!

At least my co-workers got a kick out of it, seeing me huff down the hallway with my hands on my hips. lol. It sucks to lose things! I should leave a passive aggressive note. But I won’t.


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