How was everyone’s Christmas? I ended up getting delayed at the Toronto airport for 3 hours (two of it being on the airplane itself, my butt was so numb by the time we landed — I could have been half way to Dublin while sitting on that plane). At least the westjet flight crew were really awesome about it. They were being so silly and ridiculous on the plane, I had to sometimes shake my head at them. At one point the pilot came on and said something along the lines that they all didn’t wake up this morning to screw us passengers over, everyone wants to get home for Christmas and what newfie is going to take them out on George Street. They also gave us some chocolates, to which some of the newfie men towards the back of the plane just shouted out to open the bar! :)

The flight was long since there weren’t any tv’s! What gives? At least we had an exit row seat (no extra leg room) so the BF and I were just sitting together so there wasn’t a third seat by the window, just an empty gap. Once we landed everyone clapped, it was a pretty rough landing , and everyone was so happy to be home. I think we were all skeptical of getting back since it took us 2 hours to leave the runway. Re-fueling the plane in case we had to stop in Halifax after flying to Newfoundland. The other 2 airports in NL must have had some bad weather. So we were a bit worried that if we couldn’t land, we wouldn’t be making it home for Christmas.

We did though!

I ended up getting off the airplane and immediately saw 4 people I knew. One, as soon as I got off the plane I was greeted by some westjet crew and one of the guys happened to be my brothers good friend. How random!? I guess that’s what you get for coming back to a “small” (pop. 125,00) city. I waved to a few more and spoke to my old high school friend’s father. Such a small airport and of course since it was Christmas Eve, people were coming home from all over.

I also noticed how strong a lot of newfie accents there were. I’m so used to being around people from Ontario that I think I have acclimatized to it all.

I woke up at 10am this morning (after going to bed at 4:00!!) by a phone call — my brother is still on the oil rigs, and we think it’s doubtful he’ll get off on the 28th. It’s disappointing for sure, and they’re backed up on flights since another oil company keeps taking out the helicopters.

My parents are in bed, my boyfriend’s at his parents and I’m sitting infront of the fireplace wondering what to do next. I took my first LUSH bath tonight. I took photos of the little bath bomb I used, so I may do a mini-review of that since a few of my Twitter followers wanted to know about some of the things I bought.

Surfing the internet alone is a bad idea. Not so bad when they’res a sale over at Lululemon though! I ended up buying these, and these pants. Mainly for the gym, but also for comfyness because you can’t have enough lounge pants. Even though these technically aren’t lounge-wear. But I don’t care, really. I restrained myself from buying this bag and these shorts. I could have went wild.

Sorry if there’s a lot of spelling errors. I’m on my mom’s new laptop and it doesnt’ detect spelling mistakes like my computer back home does, lol. Okay, so I’ll be on twitter most of the time, if I’m not updating this site during the holidays. 

Take care and have a wonderful happy holiday season!

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  1. Hey Nancy, hope you had a great christmas with your family. Hope your brother can make it home before new year’s eve.

    That picture by the fireplace is so cute. I’m in the other side of the world really, down here is extremely hot. Yesterday the temperature went up to 36ºC! And today it seemed even hotter, but more windy.

    Loved the pants you got, specially the first one. I have yet to get a pair of pants like that for the gym. Post pics wearing it when it arrives, like a review, as i’m sure it would fit perfectly.

    If i were you, i wouldn’t let those shorts go. I have two nike shorts like that one, that i wear pratically anywhere (home, gym, running at the beach…). Also, i recently fell in love by adidas skorts (friend recommended it). They are comfortable like the shorts, but so cute like tennis skirts. Look out for it, i’m sure you’ll love it too.

    I don’t know if i’m gonna be on the internet this week, so i wish you a happy new year with your friends and family.

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