Heading home for Christmas

Can you believe that we’re open today and I actually have to work? It’s a ghost town in this city today. I just want it to be 4:00PM so we can head out on the road to drive to the airport. I hope my car has a good car battery because I don’t have any booster cables and I’ll be leaving it in the Toronto’s Park’n’Fly for over a week. You would have thought we’d learn from our last lesson when we came back from BC and got stranded.


All of my presents are wrapped and taking up one whole suitcase. My clothes on the other hand is going just in my backpack. The BF and I exchanged gifts last night and one of the things he got me was a Jade Bonsai! I usually kill Bonsai’s within having them for a year, but I quickly learned last week (while eying some new Bonsai’s at the mall) that I had the most difficult Bonsai to look after, before. The Juniper.

Where am I even going with this? It’s such a mumbojumbo post. I’m trying to not go insane with impatience today as I just want to be home in Newfoundland! A few more hours!!!

I’ll be on vacation after today, and will be back home — so I don’t expect I’ll be updating everyday as I normally would. But we’ll see how things go :)

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