Oh Sunday, we have such a love/hate for one another

When you get angry, what do you normally do?I usually become a useless slob when I’m pissed at someone: surf the net, call my parents, take a shower, sleep. You know the normal things. Last night something made me so angry that I couldn’t do any of the above listed because I felt it was being useless, so what better way than to spend 3 hours intensely cleaning the whole apartment? I love it, because the place smells like Mr. Clean, and my desk … oh just look at my desk. This is a big deal folks. Normally I’m quite organized with a lot of things regarding the apartment but my desk is the only “mine, not yours or ours” thing in the apartment (lol) and sometimes it gets quite out of hand when I neglect it. It looks so pretty now, at least. I wish it wasn’t so ugly though. As you can tell, I tried to decorate it with some ribbon on the bottom of my monitor. Kinda cute? Or major fail? You decide.

0-039[click to enlarge]

Today’s Sunday. This time last week I would have been getting ready for soccer — so instead, I have my bowl of popcorn ready to get popped and waiting to watch thee best show in the house: Desperate Housewives! Apparently someone DIES tonight. I hope it’s Kathryn.

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