CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 3

Does anyone even read these recaps at all? lol I feel like no one cares. But I do look back at them for a reference when I have to do these workouts again so I know what my weight/time was from the past and try to beat that.

I felt amazing this week at CrossFit, soccer and climbing. Badabing badaboom.

The short:

Sunday — rest
Monday — CrossFit

Tuesday — Bouldering
Wednesday — Soccer
Thursday — Bouldering
Friday — CrossFit
Saturday — rest

The long:


year 2, week 3, day one

Strick Press:
5-5-5-5-5What I completed:
45lb – 50lbs – 50lbs – 50lbs – 50lbs

5 rounds:
3 Deadlifts (315/205)
10 lateral over bar burpees
What I completed:
For the deadlifts I used 145lbs! I completed the five rounds in 8:03.


year 2, week 3, day two

Bouldering! See my last post for the video of me bouldering the ‘red route’ #34.


year 2, week 3, day three


Second last game, was intense. All without female subs. Here’s a recap: Ball to the face (my eye was swollen after. Ew). Ball to the stomach unexpectedly (I let out a big OOF, then ppl embarrassed me asking if I was ok lol) then after I had to stand off the freakin field and take another puff of my asthma inhaler…had a mini attack. I woke up the next day with the ball imprint still implanted into my stomach and a black toenail! Do you know how long those take to grow out? A YEAR. A full year. Second last game of the entire season too, of course that would happen ;) 


year 2, week 3, day four

For the full 15 minutes complete:
50 jerks at 75%

Jenn and I were the only one’s at CrossFit this Saturday evening so we were taking tons of photos of each other doing the WOD. It was super fun lol.

The heaviest weight I went for (for the last 10 jerks) was 70lbs! I was pretty pleased with myself, that’s some pretty heavy weight, ya’know?

Here are some of the (many) photos we took on Friday evening:

CrossFit CrossFit2 CrossFit3 CrossFit-kip



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My CrossFit Journal (Year 1, week 46)

I hit a mental block in January and I didn’t workout much.  Which is why you haven’t seen the weekly CrossFit recaps, or running stories from me.

I don’t know why I stopped working out for a few weeks, and to be quite honest I enjoyed it while it lasted! My running Coach decided to stop working with me for the remainder of the winter to focus on his own skills. So I’ve been grabbing the Boyfriend to run my Sunday runs with me, and so far so good.

I’ve been cleaning house in January, and getting rid of a lot of clutter in my life. It feels very good to have a clean desk, a clean bedroom and more organized system of doing things around the apartment. I’ve chucked out countless bags of garbage, and donated 5 grocery bags full of clothes and shoes.

I went to CrossFit twice last week, but before that I went once since returning from Christmas vacation! Jeeze. Thankfully, I wasn’t eating terribly so I didn’t feel lethargic upon returning to exercising. I also started taking vitamins the second week of January. So while it takes a while for vitamins to have a noticeable effect on your body, I’m glad I’m doing something good to my body.

daily-vitaminsI’m taking vitamin D, B12 and iron supplements. I can only handle taking the iron 3x/week since it’s quite harsh on the system.

Since I’m nearly at the 2 year mark of attending CrossFit (February 24, 2011!), I decided to get my booty in gear again. I’m not going to be a slacker.

In lieu of celebrating my month off “comeback” I’ve decided to host a little give-away for all of you great readers. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see that :)

Onto my workouts from last week! I planned on going to CrossFit three days last week but took a break since I couldn’t stand up straight from the soreness in my abs.


year 1, week 46, day one

Back Push Press

First set of eight’s I used 35lbs. Second set of eights I went up to 55lbs. First set of five’s I used 65lbs and the last five I was up at 70lbs!

15 minute time limit for 3 rounds of the below. My time – 14:28, and I used an 8kg KB! Felt awesome.

3 Rounds
15 LS KB Snatch;16/12kg
15 V-Sits
15 RS KB Snatch;16/12kg
15 Toes to bar


year 1, week 46, day two

10 Rounds:
11 Chest to bar pull-ups
22 Front squat (75/55)

We had 26 minutes to complete the 10 rounds. This WOD was so brutal on my wrists that I was close to tears lol. I ended up only doing 4.5 rounds of the WOD. I got a pat on the back from one of the female coaches saying good work. Which was pretty great feeling. That’s what I get for taking a month off. Oy!



I cannot stand the way soccer makes me feel lately. Ever since leaving the ladies league in Summer 2011 I thought I had stopped soccer forever. I’m in a non-competitive co-ed soccer league now with my CrossFit crowd.

I feel SO self-conscious and I dread going to every single game. So much, I sometimes say I can’t make it. I went from scoring goals every game (on the ladies league), being aggressive on the field to the shittiest (on the co-ed league) person on the team. When I’m open, they don’t pass. When I’m not ready for a pass, they give me the ball and I fumble it and people stop passing it to me. It’s very frustrating and I’m considering quitting (again). I just really dread it, and wish I didn’t pay the money to play. It’ll all be over in March. So there ya have it. All out.


[older crossfit journal entries]

Onto the giveaway:

Brooke Burke has come out with new fitness programs, the DVDs Sexy Abs, and 30 Day Slim Down hit shelves just on New Years Eve. If you’re looking to start working out, and are more comfortable doing so at home, this would be a good treat to try out for yourself.

Did you know she’s a mother of FOUR? Woah.

These two DVDs will be a challenging workout to help you sculpt, tone and tighten your muscles, with the aid of eating well in the kitchen of course. You do know the statistics for getting in shape, right? 80% is made in the kitchen, and 20% of it is working out. Which is why I still don’t have abs. I love candy too much. That’s besides the point though ;)

Exclusive to the DVDs are her favourite smoothie recipes that are fast and apparently delicious. Wait. Honestly? I don’t own the DVD so I can’t tell you if they’re really delish or not. But I’m sure they are!

Brooke Burke Body: 30-Day Slim DownBrooke Burke Body: 30 Day Slim Down

Brooke Burke Body: Sexy AbsBrooke Burke Body: Sexy Abs

Five winners will be eligible to win both copies of the Brooke Burke Body DVDs. I’ll run the contest for 5 days since any longer, people either forget to check back, or they get annoyed with long contests. I know I do.

Once I draw the names the winner has 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise I will draw another name.

Canadians only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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One exercise that every woman should be doing

FAQ questions answered again!

Candi asks: What is the one exercise that every woman should be doing? I know I’d never be able to do cross-fit or even climb a wall but is there anything else you have learned over the years that we need to be doing?

One exercise I suggest women, and every one in general should do is get at least 30 minutes (the recommendation is 60 isn’t it?) a day of physical activity. I say, exercise no fewer than three days per week.

The easiest suggestion I have is simply going out for a walk, whether it be a stroll or a brisk walk. That can be hard during the winters (especially in Newfoundland where I know Candi lives) but there are tracks at MUN (uni back home) and other fitness centres, that you can take part in. Getting your heart rate up is beneficial.

Some great exercises you can do anywhere:

  • Swimming
  • Walking outside
  • Climbing the stairs
  • Yoga
  • Lifting weights

Swimming is great since it’s not as hard on your joints as other physical activities can be. 

Even yoga is great. It helps you with breathing, can relax you after a long day, or even start your day off right. Yoga is great for practising your balance and flexibility. Since falling is a common problem in older adults — it’s a major cause of broken hips and other injuries — practising yoga builds up your leg muscles. Other exercises improve your balance by briefly standing on one leg. I’d be careful picking out yoga classes though. I felt as if I’d get kicked out of one yoga class already this summer.

Climb the stairs, over and over! It increases your breathing and heart rate which can overall improve the health of your heart, lungs and circulatory system. For instance, it improves your stamina for the daily tasks you need to do — elevator broke? Climb those two flights and not be winded.

Lift weights (or cans of soup, or bags of flour). It builds your muscles, makes you stronger and believe it or not — improves your independence. I can now open those pesky jars of pasta sauce without the help of the boyfriend. Sometimes I do need to put on a rubber glove to open it because those suckers can REALLY get stuck on!

Even working out for 10 minutes at a time is fine. You don’t have to do it all at once. It’s best to spread out your activity during the week, and breaking it up into smaller chunks during each day. as long as you’re doing your activity at a moderate or vigorous effort for 10 minutes, at least — at a time.  Try it out for yourself. Go for a brisk walk three times a day (in the morning, during lunch, and after work) and do that FIVE days a week.

Lace up those boots and git goin’! You’ll notice a difference, I promise!

Have you ever taken a yoga class?
I have only attended about 10 yoga classes ever. Loved them, but they were pricey to add into my regular workout regimen so I haven’t kept it up.

What do you do for exercise?
I CrossFit, run outside, play indoor soccer, yoga occasionally, and trying to still incorporate climbing but there’s just not enough time in my week!

How often do you workout?
I try to do something active each and every day. Some days I really need a break and even a weeks worth of break. I usually get 3-4 workouts in per week though.

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