CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 3

Does anyone even read these recaps at all? lol I feel like no one cares. But I do look back at them for a reference when I have to do these workouts again so I know what my weight/time was from the past and try to beat that.

I felt amazing this week at CrossFit, soccer and climbing. Badabing badaboom.

The short:

Sunday — rest
Monday — CrossFit

Tuesday — Bouldering
Wednesday — Soccer
Thursday — Bouldering
Friday — CrossFit
Saturday — rest

The long:


year 2, week 3, day one

Strick Press:
5-5-5-5-5What I completed:
45lb – 50lbs – 50lbs – 50lbs – 50lbs

5 rounds:
3 Deadlifts (315/205)
10 lateral over bar burpees
What I completed:
For the deadlifts I used 145lbs! I completed the five rounds in 8:03.


year 2, week 3, day two

Bouldering! See my last post for the video of me bouldering the ‘red route’ #34.


year 2, week 3, day three


Second last game, was intense. All without female subs. Here’s a recap: Ball to the face (my eye was swollen after. Ew). Ball to the stomach unexpectedly (I let out a big OOF, then ppl embarrassed me asking if I was ok lol) then after I had to stand off the freakin field and take another puff of my asthma inhaler…had a mini attack. I woke up the next day with the ball imprint still implanted into my stomach and a black toenail! Do you know how long those take to grow out? A YEAR. A full year. Second last game of the entire season too, of course that would happen ;) 


year 2, week 3, day four

For the full 15 minutes complete:
50 jerks at 75%

Jenn and I were the only one’s at CrossFit this Saturday evening so we were taking tons of photos of each other doing the WOD. It was super fun lol.

The heaviest weight I went for (for the last 10 jerks) was 70lbs! I was pretty pleased with myself, that’s some pretty heavy weight, ya’know?

Here are some of the (many) photos we took on Friday evening:

CrossFit CrossFit2 CrossFit3 CrossFit-kip



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