I’m worn out this week, in a good way! I haven’t stopped climbing, playing soccer and CrossFitting!!! Last night was extra special because the boyf came to watch me boulder after he went swimming and ended up taking this 28 second video of me!

It was from the boulder competition a few weeks ago and I hadn’t tried it since it’s marked as #34 (The problems started at 1 – being easiest and ended at 58 – hardest). So #34 was pretty high up there. I haven’t gotten that dyno yet but I was thinking of going during my lunch break today. Instead, I’ll wait til the weekend since my one finger is pretty sore.


On Monday we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a day late but it was still fun to dress up! Here’s an image of me as I crop my co-workers out hahaha…My outfits from the work week!

Oooo my pretty co-worker Julie wore a great outfit yesterday at work and I took two pictures to show you guys…

jNecklace: Swarovski
Cardigan, peplum top, and skirt: Ricki’s
Shoes: Aldo
Can you see those polka dot nylons? Amazing.

Onto my outfits from the work week!

ootwwEnjoy your Friday, folks!

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