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Over our lunch break Julie and I tried on some sunglasses at Fossil in our local mall. I’m iffy on these shades that I picked out to buy. They’re the Berkley Oversized Aviators and they’re only $60. I mean, I’ve tried on sunglasses that were well over a hundred bucks) and these babies are made of metal, not plastic. So it’s a pretty good price, don’t you think? Fossil-Sunglasses

I haven’t bought them yet since they don’t quite fit as well as my… ahem… five dollar sunglasses. I know I know.  But I have a really difficult time finding sunglasses for my face shape. A lot of them look way too big, and I don’t even think that I have that small of a face. I usually call myself a melon-head because in photos I thought my head was ginormous!

Either way, they’re on my maybe-list right now. What do you guys think?

Julie also tried on a pair in Madison Oversized Butterly. They were way too expensive for what they were though. They’re plastic, and they were $80. Twenty bucks more than the metal aviators I was trying on. I told her not to buy them. They did look pretty swanky on her though.

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  1. I’ve had A LOT of Fossil sunglasses. Lol. Like, 15 pairs. It is my experience that the plastic ones last much longer! All of my metal ones popped at least one lens! (And never really were normal after being fixed)

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